100 DigiRubies for Digimon ReArise Players for Halloween DigiEgg Bug

  • The DigiEgg's drops were listed incorrectly in-game

On October 30, 2019, Bandai Namco brought Digimon ReArise down for maintenance for several hours. During this time, the Goofy Halloween DigiEgg drops were changed to reflect the actual possible Digimon available from the egg. As compensation, players will receive 100 Rubies and 1500 Halloween Medals in their accounts if they have logged into the game between now and October 23. 

Source: In-game screenshot

The percentage drop list is in the image below, courtesy of the /r/DigimonReArise Discord server. 

For more information on the best Mega Digimon to use, check out our tier list at the link below!

Source: /r/DigimonReArise Discord


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