Animal Crossing: No One Likes Bunny Day


"Hippity Hoppity, Get Off My Property" - Players aren't too fond of the whole new Bunny Day Event.

Not So Egg-cellent Adventure

Minutes into egg hunting, my slingshot broke.  Being the cheap person that I am, I opted to craft them from materials.  Being the lazy person I am, I opted to harvest the materials from the trees next to me.  Except eggs came out. No problem, I'll just make another axe with the iron from these -- eggs.  As if the proper type of wood wasn't hard enough to come by, imagine trying to craft tools from eggs.

OK, let's go fishing to sell to CJ instead.  What's that? An egg. Easter balloons patrolled the sky like surveillance drones, threatening to punish any FOMO with tie-dyed sky eggs.  No, I do not want an egg in these trying times. Just give me my totally-not-religious-holiday-forsaken materials so I can continue Animal Crossing and crafting; I'm done with Bunny Day and it's not even 24 hours.  

As many people have lamented, Animal Crossing: New Horizon's inaugural event is off to a rough start due to eggs replacing many of the necessary materials for a happy DIY home, amongst many other complaints.  These laments are reflected by memes commonly shared throughout the community.


One of the Top Voted memes on the Animal Crossing Reddit, by /u/NoneTitled

The Real Cost of Bunny Day

Many people find the mascot Zipper to be creepy, drawing comparisons to a "Five Nights at Freddy's" character.  Indeed, even though he is based on a rabbit, he appears very different from a standard bunny villager. Maybe he is aware of his unpopularity after all, given he claims that this is his real face, and players report he looks depressed if they walk far away enough.  

The second major complaint is the cost-benefit ratio of the Bunny Day set.  Although it's arguably free as a DIY set, people uninterested in the whole Bunny Day Egg Aesthetic will find the eggs simply intrusive in their daily routine since they replace many of the harvestable resources and fishing.  Despite the Bunny Day Balloons' higher spawn rate collectors hunting for recipes are always threatened by yet another Sky Egg instead of the coveted DIY cards.  Perhaps some people can live with the constant disappointment, until they're reminded that Bunny Day goes until the 12th. On an event where people are already complaining on day one. 


The only downside is that those Sakura petals are so hard to catch!

Stealing the Spotlight: Cherry Blossom Trees

But wait, there's more!  What if I told you there's another event that runs at the same time?  The Flower Viewing (Hanami) event offers the coveted yet less advertised Sakura/Cherry Petal furniture and wand.  Not only does it run for a shorter time, but also rocks an arguably superior aesthetic for those not so religious-holiday-reference inclined.  Given how Animal Crossing is a game about decorating the way you want, for these people Bunny Day only serves to take away from what many really want: a chill flower viewing picnic with friends.  (Also the Sakura Wand - those DIY Recipes are so rare!). Since the Cherry Blossoms are time-based, one could also say it would've been better to time travel and experience them without the Bunny Day Distractions.

With the recent update Nintendo released last night to fix a housing glitch, players can have confidence that the developers are aware of problems in the game and will take action.  We can only hope they are listening to feedback about the events and that future ones will be better.


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