Arcane Labyrinth Guide for AFK Arena

  • For optimal Lab progression, play manually and keep backup characters with charged Ultimates. Team composition should also lean towards the tanky/survivable side.
  • Red flags >>> Brown flags, be sure to pick up the strongest Relics (details below). Also, if anyone dies, you can remove gear from those Heroes to put them on whoever is still alive.
  • Skip caravans if you can. Getting a better version of your own Hero is nice, but Relics are more valuable for powering up your team. 

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Lab Path made by ainil on Reddit

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Hello everyone,

Many people on this sub are struggling with the Labyrinth and with the recent patch I feel like there will be many more.

I'm doing this guide to help those players by giving them basic tips that may be useful for anyone, you never know. I'll also do a short tier-list of relics based on my personal experience.

I've been playing AFK Arena for around 90 days so I'm not the most knowledgeable player around but I'm doing pretty good with the Labyrinth and I never struggle to finish it, so I guess I can help some people on this sub. The main team I use for lab is L+ Brutus 145 E Lucius 145 L+ Saveas 156 L+ Belinda 145 L Fawkes 145. I use Nemora and Numisu as side healers, Estrilda as a side tank.

Gameplay Advice

  1. If things go wrong, try again : You don't get any kind of penalty if you exit an ongoing fight. You can then try again and switch positions/heroes or use the same composition and time your heals/ultis right.
  2. Use manual mode : Since energy is kept between fights, you should try to save it as much as possible. There's no point in wasting a Belinda ult if there's only 2 enemies left in the field. This will also allow you to time your heals to get as most value as possible.
  3. Team composition : This is a major point to defeat the labyrinth. For the first fights I like to use 2 healers on top of my Lucius. This saves me hp and I can charge up my healer's ultis and keep them as emergency units. I swap them when I have enough defensive relics
  4. Charge your side heroes : The first fights are easy so you should use them to charge up all your bench heroes in case you need to replace one of your main heroes. You don't need to charge ALL of them but at least try to go for 3-5.
  5. Red over brown : You should prioritize getting Epic/Legendary relics obviously, even if this means you lose out two rare relics. The only exception being if the red fight is surrounded by caravans/merchants because you'll lose too much.
  6. Anticipate the path : this is a bit hard to explain but what I mean is that even with the fog of war you can try to anticipate what kind of tile will be revealed, for example if you see only 1 out of 2 tiles and there's a building on it, there's a high chance to have an elite fight on the other tile.
  7. No caravans : If your main team is sufficiently strong and you follow the previous advices you should have very little casualties and won't need those heroes. Then if you can get an L+ Athalia or a stronger version of one of your heroes why not, but i much prefer getting relics instead.
  8. Dead men don't need items : If one of your main hero dies, go back to the hero menu and give his gear to your replacement heroes, this will significantly boost your replacement's power.

Team Compostion

The tier list for lab is pretty much the same as the regular game, but team composition is a little bit different.

You need at least one healer, one dps and two tanks. Try to get some CC (Fawkes/Arden) on the last slot or use another healer if you have a hard time keeping up with heals.

Remember that your team composition can change depending on which relics you get, and also pick relics that compensate your team's weaknesses.


RELIC TIER LIST makes a very good Relic Tier List with detailed notes and sortable criteria. Also included is the original defensive list provided by Golgoth9. 

Ranking Relic Notes
S+ THUNDERBURST Very strong overall, but also probably the best relic for Wrizz on "Hard Mode" of the Third Floor. If you're going for HM, pick this!
S SPIDER THREAD GLOVES Was nerfed to 5 seconds, but still very good.
S DEATHLY EMBRACE Works through immunities. Works on Wrizz in Hardmode.
S SHADOWFALL Crit is a very strong stat overall.
S DEATH’S BITE This can make Kaz an absolute monster that can easily kill Wrizz and everything else. Also works well with Beast's Claw.
S THE SILENT HOPE Allows for some crazy combos, but reliant on having heroes with strong ultimates such as Shemira.
S THE UNMOUNTED HEART Very strong for Wrizz on "Hard Mode" of the Third Floor. If you're going for HM, pick this!
S EAGLE STRIKE Very strong for Wrizz on "Hard Mode" of the Third Floor. If you're going for HM, pick this!
S NOSFERATU’S FANG Who needs healers anyway? Note: It doesn't work if your heroes have no life leech to begin with.
S PENDANT OF BETRAYAL Can do a lot of damage with burst heroes.
S CALL TO ARMS Anything that gives energy is very good.
S CARNAL GRIP Great healing relic that's guaranteed to proc 5 times every battle, unless you lose.
S MOONSTONE Only ranked as "S" when combined with "Sunstone". Otherwise it's A or B.
S SUNSTONE Only ranked as "S" when combined with "Moonstone". Otherwise it's A or B.
S BLESSED HAMMER Solid relic. Good for Wrizz on Hard mode.
S POISONOUS EMBRACE Very good for enemies that have a lot of HP, such as Wrizz on Hard Mode.
A THE CARNAL DESIRE Decent buff even with only one Mauler.
A FIREBRINGER Only ranked as "A" when combined with "Icebringer". Otherwise it's B or C. Having both is "potentially" good for Wrizz on Hard Mode. Untested though.
A ICEBRINGER Only ranked as "A" when combined with "Firebringer". Otherwise it's B or C. Having both is "potentially" good for Wrizz on Hard Mode. Untested though.
A SANDS OF TIME Haste = Faster ultimates.
A FROZEN STAR Every hero is now Brutus.
A THE DEVOTED WHISPER Pretty nice buff even with only one Graveborn.
A BLINDING BRILLIANCE It's up to 20% Crit and Attack Rating for all heroes. Very good if you've got Belinda.
A RAGESPIKE Only worth taking if you're in the first or second floor of the lab.
A SUPPORTER’S WAR FLAG Solid stat buffs.
A WAR HORN Solid performing relic.
A ARCANE SPELLBOOK Good if you're got a strong mage DPS like Shemira.
A BEAST’S CLAW Good if you've got a strong agility DPS.
A HEARTSEEKER A good basic DPS upgrade.
A SILVER ARROW Pretty nice damage bonus.
A RELIC CHEST The eariler you pick this, the worse it will be. By the time you get to the third floor, it should provide some solid stats.
A PRAETORIAN HELMET Very good defensive relic.
Defensive Relics
S Moonstone Restores Energy/Hp Best Survival combo
Praetorian Helmet -10/15/25% dmg received
Relic Chest +1,5/2,5% HP and DEF per elite/leg relic up to 15/30%
A Shield of Fortitude +3/5/12% def up to 12/20/40% Great if you're not on the last floor
Frozen Star Shields and heal your heroes when they reach 0 hp More survival, helps to defeat some hard fights without casualties
Restorating Crystal Heals for 4% hp/second for 10 sec when hero goes below 40% hp
Spider Thread Gloves Locks enemies for the first 5 seconds
Vanguard’s War Flag +10/15/25% def, +10/20/40% energy for frontline heroes Good if your frontline heroes are struggling
Winged Spurs +20/40% dodge
B Nosferatu’s Fang +10/15/25% life leech Life steal isn't that useful if you have good healers. Use this relic if you don't have a lot of heal
Steel Cuirass +10/20/30% Def for STR heroes Only the legendary form is useful IMO
The Diligent Vow Restore ally for 20/30/40% hp after 15 seconds Complementary heal
Horn of Replenishment +6/10/15-20% max hp healed at the beginning of battles Not that useful but use it if you don't have a lot of heal
C Branch from the Yggdrasil restores 15/25/40% of lost hp Restores HP after fights, okay but not op
Carnal Grip restores 16/24% hp when you kill an enemy Only works for one hero and it's usually always the same
D Heaven’s Grace Life regeneration +40/60/80%
Goblet of Resurgence +25/50% health at fountains

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Relics are of course the most important part of the labyrinth and the most complex one. It's hard to make a tier list because relics' strength will vary greatly depending on your team. You need to chose your relics wisely, it's best to use a mix of defensive/offensive relics since you'll need both to survive the third floor.

Having a tier list is useful but you should pick relics that go well together. If I have the choice between a rare Heartseeker and an elite Ragespike but I have a lot of crit relics, it's best to pick the heartseeker as it will get me the best value. So try to pick complementary relics to get the best out of them.


Labyrinth Maps are provided by reddit user ainil. See the full sub for the map project here.

Lab Guide by Golgoth9 (original post)

And of course, many thanks to for making their Relic Tier List! 


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