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About the Game

From Shanghai developers HyperGryph Studios comes the record-breaking success Arknights. Collect and deploy operators in this gripping Tower Defense game, while exploring the world through the immersive story.


Arknights players assume the role of the amnesiac doctor in charge of deploying Operators to protect and defeat invading forces in a Tower Defense fashion. Operators come with different skills and classes that players must bring together to successfully defend their objectives. The deployment cost increasing by rarity means although rare units may be more powerful individually, units of all rarities can have their niche as well, allowing for many flexible strategies.

Acclaimed Japanese Voice actors and excellent art from many of the artists who have done work on GFL add appeal to the game from an audiovisual standpoint. Gameplaywise, working on character progression, the dorm-building minigame that provides bonuses, and unit recruiting provide many ways for players to stay involved.

Basic Info


Strategy, Tower Defense


Developer: HyperGryph Studios

Publisher: Yostar, Inc. (EN/JP/KR)

Platform: iOS/Android

Release Date: May 2, 2019 (CN)

Where do I download Arknights?

Currently Arknights is only available in Chinese under the title, "明日方舟".  It can be found on the Chinese iOS App store, which will require a Chinese Apple account. It is also available on various Chinese app stores, such as the Biligame Appstore.  Japanese, Korean, and English versions of the game are announced, but the release dates are yet to be revealed.

App Store LinkBiligame Link

Tips, References, and FAQ's

  • What are all these sign-in options?

    • For the Chinese version of Arknights there are two different servers, the Bili Server and the Taptap server, depending on where you download the game from.  The Bili link will register you on the Bili server.

    • The Taptap server covers both iOS and Android, but requires a Chinese Phone number.

    • The Bilibili server is Android only, but only requires an email, so it is preferred for overseas players.

    • The third option is to register as a guest, but this puts players at the risk of losing their game data.  Guest accounts can be upgraded to permanent accounts but require a Chinese phone number. They cannot be linked to an existing Bili or Taptap account after creation, so please beware.

  • Rolling/Rerolling Strategies?

    • Every new banner, there is a guaranteed 5+ star in the first 10 roll done.  For F2P players hoping to build up their roster, it is highly recommended to save enough for at least one full 10 roll per banner.  

    • Similar to GFL, rerolling isn't particularly valuable due to the recruitment system.

  • Actual gameplay tips?

    • Don't just bring the strongest and most powerful units to battles.  Due to their high cost players might get overrun by the enemy before they have a chance to do anything.  Bringing a strong cost curve will prove to be more effective.

    • Remember to upgrade characters.  Unlike other games, characters need to be manually leveled through exp cards.  Additionally, leveling their skills will also be beneficial as well.

Quick Terms and Overview

Operator: These are the deployable units that make up the core gameplay.

Classes: Each character belongs to a class, which determines their roles and abilities.  For example, the Vanguard class is an early-game class that will hold off early waves while the player saves up resources for other specialized units.  There are 8 different classes, each with their own strengths and specialties.

Cost: "Cost" is the main resource for deploying operators.  It is typically gained passively, but can be earned through certain operators' skills.  Each operator requires a certain amount of cost to be deployed, with rare operators requiring more cost.

Stats: Arknights Operators have a variety of stats that affect their combat potential.  The combat stats are Attack, Health, Defense, Magic Resist, Attack Speed, and Block (how many enemies they can block before subsequent enemies walk past them).

Character Potential: Duplicate copies of Operators can be merged to provide boosts to the character, which will vary based on the potential level.

Elite: Operators have level caps before they can reach their full potential stats, depending on rarity.  These levels caps are called Elite, and require in-game materials and Lungmen Dollars to upgrade Operators that have reached these level caps.

Sanity: Sanity is the stamina resource of the game, which is consumed upon entering a quest.  Failing a quest will refund half of the sanity cost. There is a test-run option for stages that yields no rewards and does not count towards clearing the stage, but costs no stamina.

Lungmen Dollars: This blue currency is a currency essential for character upgrades, recruitment, and other character-centric functions. It can be earned through a variety of ways, including quests, rewards, login bonuses.

Recruitment: This is the method of obtaining new characters without spending premium in-game currency.  It requires recruitment tickets and Lungmen Dollars. After choosing from a random set of filters that increase the likelihood of a type of Operator appearing, players can set the recruitment timer, with longer times resulting in better chances for higher rarities.

Artificial Originium: The premium in-game currency of the game, used for rolling the gacha.

Diamonds: The purchasable premium currency that can be exchanged for Artificial Originium.