Arknights: Contingency Contract (CC) Explained!

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​​Since You Can’t Get the CC Recruit Tag, How About an Event?


Special Thanks: Jetoryz, Hakurai, YdaMada, Monika.

We will explain how Contingency Contract (CC) Event works for Global players that aren't familiar with it.


  • The Player chooses [Contracts] that apply restrictions to the Stage (Like Challenge Modes)
  • Each [Contract] has a [Risk Level] assigned to it, from 1 to 3, reflecting it's difficulty.
  • If you clear the stage, the summation of the Risk Levels of all Contracts chosen is the total Risk Level.
  • There is one Permanent Stage, and multiple Daily rotating Stages.
  • Daily and Event Missions are cleared by succeeding at specified total Risk Levels, or with specified Contracts or conditions.
  • Highest Risk Level to complete all missions is 8 for Daily Stages, 18 for Permanent.
  • Daily and Event Missions award [Operation Agreement] or [Contract Bounties]
  • [Operation Agreement] are used to unlock [Contract]s on the permanent stage.
  • [Contract Bounties] are the shop currency.
  • The high Risk Level Missions give less currency.  It is not required to clear all the highest level missions to clear the limited part of the shop. No need to panic.

Here are the Event Pages for existing CC Events:



Each Operation has a set of [Contracts] (similar to the restrictions imposed on Challenge Modes).  For the Daily Rotation Operations the [Contracts] change daily.  Each [Contract] has a Risk Level associated with it, between 1 and 3, reflecting the difficulty of the Contract.  Players choose the [Contracts] they wish to have applied to the Operation, and the total Risk Level of the clear is the summation of the Risk Level of each Contract selected for the clear.  Examples of Contracts that might be available are:

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 2.16.22 PM
  • Some Contracts are mutually exclusive, and you can choose only one of the group.  here is an example:

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 2.18.19 PM
  • Each Contract has a Risk Level associated with it.  The sum of all Risk Levels chosen for an Operation determine its Overall Risk Level (this is what players mean if they say “Risk 20”, for example).

  • Contracts for the Permanent Operation are unlocked through the use of [Operation Agreement], which are gained by completing Daily Missions and Overall Event Missions.

  • Contracts for Daily Operations are all unlocked and available, but there are less to choose from than the Permanent Operation.


Event Operations

Contingency Contract Operations do not require sanity to attempt, and can be repeated without limit. 

The Event is divided into 3 types of Operations:

Permanent Operation


This Operation is available for the entire duration of the CC Event.

  • There is 1 Permanent Stage
  • Available [Contracts] are unlocked with [Operation Agreement]
  • [Operation Agreement] are gained by completing Event Missions.
  • There are Missions for the Permanent Stage that award [Contract Bounties]
  • Highest Risk Level required for rewards is 18.
  • Additional Contracts are added on the second week that, generally, will make it easier for most players to achieve higher Risk Levels.

Daily Rotation Operations


These rotate daily.  For the first CC event there were 2 Daily Rotating Operations, for the second CC event there was 7.

  • Daily Stages swap each day.
  • Available [Contracts] change every day with a maximum possible daily Risk Level of 12.
  • Every day has a new set of Daily Missions to be completed on the Daily Stage that award [Contract Bounties] (the shop currency) and [Operation Agreement] (currency that is used to unlock Contracts for the Permanent Stage).
  • For Daily Missions, the maximum Risk Level required is 8.

Training Grounds

These were added with the second CC Event.  They essentially exist as practice, and persist after the CC Event ends.  During they event they can be used to unlock certain contracts.

  • During the event, the Training Ground will have all the daily stages from the season available.

  • By successfully achieving Rank Levels, players are given rewards and Contracts are unlocked. At first, all Contracts are locked.  Clearing the stage once unlocks the Level 1 Contracts, clearing it with a total Risk Level of 2 unlocks Level 2 Contracts, and clearing with a Risk Level of 4 unlocks the third (and highest) Level Contracts.  Contracts unlocked in the Training Field for a stage will also be available for that particular Stage when it is the Daily Stage.

  • The Training Ground will remain open after the event ends.

  • The Rank levels, and the corresponding Contracts, of daily challenge stages from the event can be unlocked through Training Field as well.

  • The first clear of a new Rank Level in the Training Field will grant other rewards as well (Contract Bounties, Rhodes Island Supplies).

  • Some Contracts for the Daily Stage may be different from the Training Stage.

  • All Training Field stages are available from the beginning.

Rewards And Missions


  • Rewards are purchased from the shop with [Contract Bounties].  Contract Bounties are gained from Daily and Overall Event missions.

  • Daily and Event Missions include succeeding with overall Risk Levels or with specified Contracts or conditions.

  • Rewards increase with increased Overall Risk, but with diminishing returns for higher Overall Risk Levels.  For example, in the first CC event, Daily Operations awarded several hundred Contract Bounties up to Risk 5, then 50 for a Risk 6 clear, 30 for a Risk 7 clear, and 20 for Risk 8.

  • The first CC Event gave rewards up to Overall Risk 18 for the Permanent Operation, and up to Risk Level 8 for the Daily Missions.



Reward Shops can be seen here:

Event Interface


"PVP Flex" Feature

Added to the second CC Event was the following feature: 

  • Operators in Friend Support will display the highest Risk Level successfully achieved by that Operator.

How To Prepare

Wondering how to go about preparing for a Contingency Contract Event?  This following guide can help!

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