Arknights: How To Display Medals and Medal Sets

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Guide To Bragging - How To Display Medals and Medal Sets

Medals and Medal sets are fairly new to Arknights Global, and many players either:

  • A. Don't know they exist, or 
  • B. Have no idea how to get them to show up on the Friend Support page.

This guide is going to show you how to achieve a medal-worthy setup!

Arknights PVP

How To Set Medal Display on Friends/Support Page

Step 1: Go To the Friend/Support Page


Step 2: Click the Wrench


Step 3 Select the Medal Set

The pain of forgetting to do an achievement is REAL.

You can either select a pre-made set from an event, for example [Twilight of Wolumonde] or [Contingency Contract Season #1 Operation Pyrite], or you can set up your own custom medal layout.  How to make your own custom medal layout is described in the next section.

How To Create a Custom Medal Layout

Step 1:Go to the Archives page


Step 2: go to Path Of Glory


Step 3: Click the "edit" wrench of the "ng The Glorious Moment" Section


Step 4: Paint Your Medal Canvas


On this screen you can Add Medals anywhere you like on the medal canvas.  When you have things to your preference, you can Finish and  Save.


Now, when you go to set medals on the Friend/support page (as described in sections above), your custom medal setup will appear as an option:

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