Arknights: Who To Choose With The Launch 5 Star Exchange Voucher

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How Can I Pick Only One?!

As part of the additional rewards for reaching 1,000,000 global Pre-Registrations, all new players receive a 5★ Operator Exchange Voucher that will allow them to choose one of the following Operators: Silence, Liskarm, Projekt Red, or Pramanix.  In this guide we introduce each of these units and go over their weak and strong points to help you choose the right one for you!

Before we start, we’ll get some of the universal suggestions out of the way.  

  1. Save this voucher until you finish your initial set of rolls.  This could help you narrow down your choices, since getting a new Operator will be much more helpful than getting a duplicate.

  2. If you really like one of the Operators, absolutely pick her.  All four of these Operators are viable for high-end content.  Following your heart will prove to be much more enjoyable than any sort of min-maxing.

  3. Choose an Operator in a class where you lack other good options.  

If you still haven’t decided, then read on!


Arknights Silence

Silence is a Single-Target Medic whose Skill 2 allows her to place a healing drone anywhere on the map with an open space.

Reasons to Choose

  • The ability to place her healing drones anywhere on the map allows her to heal targets that would be out of range for other Medics.

  • She will be useful to players right from the start, as she’s one of the stronger and more versatile Medics.

  • She’s the most mecha, and those glasses....

Reasons not to Choose

  • Stronger DPS or Tanks will often push a player further and faster than a healer, as healing is only needed up the point it is "sufficient to keep Operators from dying." Any healing power beyond that essentially adds nothing.

  • 4★ Medic Gavial can be purchased in the Friend Credit Shop and can satisfy Medic needs through early and mid game.


Arknights Liskarm

Liskarm is a Normal Defender, one of the few to offer Arts damage and innate Resistance. Her pistol also gives her an extended attack range and the ability to hit airborne targets.

Reasons to Choose

  • A DPS-oriented Defender with Arts damage and an extended range will help to complete early and mid game maps more quickly.

  • After E1 promotion, she charges up her own Skills and the Skills of allies around her when she is attacked.

  • She has the most comfortable shoes.

Reasons not to Choose

  • Other Defenders of equal or lower rarity are better at the core tank role of defending and surviving (i.e., Cuora).

  • Her Skill 2, while very powerful, has the unfortunate penalty of Stunning Liskarm after it ends. Using this Skill at a bad time may result in enemies getting through your lines. Timing is very important when using Liskarm, so she may not be the best choice for players who aren't used to the tower defense genre.

Projekt Red

Arknights Projekt Red

Projekt Red is a Fast-Redeploy Specialist Operator. She fills the role of assassin, helping take out high-value targets or interrupting dangerous enemy abilities. After completing her mission she retreats to safety, ready to be deployed again moments later. She can also be used to delay enemy advancement, especially with her AoE Stun, or to eliminate enemies that get through the frontline.

Reasons to Choose

  • Her niche role is very useful in the mid to late game. She is excellent for assassinating enemy Casters or delaying strong enemies, especially with her Stun.

  • At present, there are no lower-rarity Operators that can fill her role as a Fast-Redeploy DPS.

  • She has the warmest coat and packs the sharpest knives.

Reasons not to Choose

  • She is not particularly useful in early game.

  • Using her efficiently requires some practice, making her not very beginner-friendly. In particular, she costs more DP every time she is redeployed in the same battle, which can cause players to burn through DP very quickly if they're not paying attention.

  • While Projekt Red can provide DPS, she doesn’t have much in terms of defense. Defensive Redeploy needs are better filled by lower-rarity Operator Gravel.


Arknights Pramanix

Pramanix is a Debuff Supporter unit (a very rare archetype) who specializes in debuffing enemy stats. She passively increases the damage enemies take when they are at low health, and her Skills can either reduce enemy attack speed (helping your allies survive) or enemy DEF and RES (so enemies die even faster).  

Reasons to Choose

  • Her debuffs can be extremely useful against high DEF/ RES targets, such as Bosses or Elite enemies. Reducing enemy attack speed can also be surprisingly helpful for keeping your Operators alive.

  • Her large range and relatively low DP cost make her a good source of Arts damage in the early stages of a battle. After E2 promotion, she also attacks two enemies at a time, multiplying her damage output.

  • She has the fluffiest tail.

Reasons not to Choose

  • She is not particularly useful in early game.

  • Her ATK is low and her debuffs are not always helpful for the situation. In some cases, bringing another DPS unit would result in more damage than bringing Pramanix (in particular against enemies with high HP but low DEF).

Additional Notes

No matter which of these four Operators you pick, you will be able to obtain the others as well. All four of these Operators are available through the regular gacha or through the Recruitment Office, and on specific banners, these Operators can even be purchased through the Advanced Certification Shop. 

  • Our Operator Recruitment Guide can help you pick out the right tags in Recruitment to hire one of these Operators.
  • Check our list of banners to see which Operators have been available in the gacha and the store, as well as which ones might be coming up in the near future.

In case it helps your decision making, here are the CN banners on which the above Operators were purchasable. Keep in mind that the Standard banners on Global have often been quite different, so don't take these examples as a definite indication of when a given Operator might be available.

Silence: Standard Pool 21

Liskarm: Standard Pool 12

Project Red: Standard Pool 7

Pramanix: Standard Pool 8

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