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Hello everyone, Emma here! Dorm settings and how themes work aren't well explained in game and the shop can be a bit messy.This article will cover the basic shopping and theme settings while also teaching how to use the overview on your dorms.

Ambience Limitations

Dorm Ambience starts at 1000 and goes up to a maximum ambience of 5000. Ambience is comfort; the higher it is, the faster operators rest. As dorms are upgraded, the ambience level will increase.

Purchasing Furniture by Theme

There are a few ways to purchase furniture, but the most comprehensive interface is through the base. Clicking "Store" -> "Furniture Store" will only yield a selection of what is available.


Instead, select "Base" → "Dormitory" → "Fashion Store"

Fashion Store

This is the overview for the dorm Fashion Store.

Colombian Cafe

On the left side scrolling down reveals all the themes. For this article let’s go with "Colombian Cafe".


After clicking the desired theme, the right side will now display all the pieces of furniture (in this case Colombian Cafe.)


Swiping up and down on the right side reveals Furniture Combos for each theme. In the picture below the 6 item Cafe Bar Facilities combo is visible. The number on the theme represents how many pieces are available for purchasing. 17/17 means that there are 17 Items in total and that all 17 are available at the current time. If there were limited items and they are no longer were available, it would show less than the total. Let’s say 4 items are unavailable for purchase. The indicator would then show 13/17. But since Colombian Cafe isn’t limited it should always show 17/17.


To see if/how many pieces of a certain furniture is owned, click on the furniture in question. Here is an example of the Red-Brick Cafe Bar:

furniture overview

In this screenshot, the indicator on top of the furniture icon shows how many are owned. The bottom hammer lists the price per unit in Furniture Parts, and the min/max counter allows Doctors to select how many pieces of this furniture to buy.

Applying Themes

To apply themes, first head to the "Dorm" → "Decoration Mode"


Click on "Theme"


Now Select the theme “Colombian Cafe” → “Fast Setup”

Fast Setup

This section displays total progress towards completing a theme. In my example I have 17/17 Colombian Cafe and 11/17 Fantastic Bio-Documentary. Hitting Fast Setup provides two options.

Option 1 Check Ambience

Option 2 Save your dorm

Save / Overview

To check Ambience, click on the “!” symbol highlighted in the above picture.

Ambience Overview

This is the Ambience list which showcases all the important information about the furniture used. Completing combos will grant Ambience Bonuses.  Do note that at current time my dorm is limited to 3000, which means any additional ambience will have no effect. I’m about to upgrade to 4000, which should fix this problem.

The left side indicates the furnitures that I’ve used on the dorm.

Right side indicates the equipment combos  The “Colombian Cafe 17/17 +870 Ambience” notes the progress and total ambience gained, while below this line lists the 4 different combos, their completion, and their contributed ambience.

Applied Theme but still lack additional ambience? How to further increase ambience.

After editing or checking out the Ambience overview, remember to hit save to avoid mistakenly deleting or undoing anything. 

Now comes the question of how to really max out a Dorm's ambience.  Observant Doctors will see that even with an entire Colombian Cafe set, the dorm still doesn't reach the maximum 5000 Ambience.  The solution is to add more furniture!

After saving,  proceed to the "dorm" → "decoration mode". 


I would like to use the Pre-registration reward of the stuffed bunny, which is in "Ground" → "Decoration".

But just adding it seems like a hassle >.>

Stuffed Life

So to wise up a little since it’s too big. In terms of style, it is better that it is behind things, so let's move the table and chair to the front!

Stuffed WORKS

Perfect, now hit save.

Voila - adding items can increase the ambience beyond furniture sets.This is my new overview!

5k Overview

After upgrading the Dormitory, it can accommodate all the glorious Ambience.

Final Notes from the author

At certain times there will be limited furniture, please make sure to purchase an entire combo if buying limited furniture to ensure their combo bonus. In the picture above, “Cafe Table and Chair Set” is a complete combo with 4/4 pieces present. So when getting limited furniture, look up all kinds of combos and make sure to buy each piece, at the risk of missing out on ambience. Rooms/Space are limited, so failing to meet 5000 Ambience can be frustrating if ignoring the Furniture Combo.

This was Emma Nielsen, if you followed this article so far, thank you for your time, please reach out to me if you have questions, I do not mind pings on my server!

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