Arknights: Campaign Mission List

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Article by NorseFTX
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  • There are five different types of Missions available, linked below.
  • Daily and Weekly Missions are high priority, as they will expire after their associated time period!


Campaign Missions are found in on the bottom left of the Campaign Missions tab, and offer rewards for progressing through the main story of Arknights.

  • Campaign Missions do not have an expiration date, and can be completed any time.
  • Mission Rewards can only be claimed once.
  • Below are a list of Missions and total possible rewards.

Campaign Missions

All Campaign Missions

ID Mission Requirement Reward
1 Clear Main Storyline0-1 Drill Battle Record x5
2 Clear Main StorylineTR-1 LMD x1000
3 Clear Main Storyline0-2 Drill Battle Record x5
4 Clear Main Storyline0-3 LMD x1000
5 Clear Main Storyline0-4 Drill Battle Record x5
6 Clear Main Storyline0-5 LMD x1000
7 Clear Main Storyline0-6 Drill Battle Record x5
8 Clear Main Storyline0-7 LMD x1500
9 Clear Main Storyline0-8 Drill Battle Record x8
10 Clear Main Storyline0-9 LMD x1500
11 Clear Main Storyline0-10 Drill Battle Record x8
12 Clear Main Storyline0-11 LMD x1500
13 Own at least 1 Lv.1 Factory Drill Battle Record x8
14 Clear Main Storyline1-1 LMD x2000
15 Own at least 1 Lv.2 Control Center Drill Battle Record x10
16 Clear Main Storyline1-2 LMD x2000
17 Clear Main Storyline1-3 Drill Battle Record x10
18 Clear Main Storyline1-4 LMD x2000
19 Clear Main Storyline1-5 Drill Battle Record x10
20 Complete a 1-Difficulty Skirmish stage with 3 stars Skill Summary - 1 x5
21 Clear Main Storyline1-6 LMD x3500
22 Clear Main Storyline1-7 Drill Battle Record x10
23 Clear Main Storyline1-8 LMD x4000
24 Clear Main Storyline1-9 Drill Battle Record x10
25 Clear Main Storyline1-10 LMD x4000
26 Clear Main Storyline1-11 Frontline Battle Record x5
27 Clear Main Storyline1-12 LMD x4000
28 Clear Main Storyline2-3 Frontline Battle Record x8
29 Complete a 2-Difficulty Skirmish stage with 3 stars Skill Summary - 2 x5
30 Own at least 1 Lv.3 Control Center Frontline Battle Record x10
31 Clear Main Storyline2-5 LMD x5000
32 Clear Main Storyline2-8 Tactical Battle Record x5
33 Clear Main Storyline2-10 LMD x6000
34 Complete a 3-Difficulty Skirmish stage with 3 stars Skill Summary - 2 x5
35 Clear Main Storyline3-4 Skill Summary - 2 x5
36 Own at least 1 Lv.4 Control Center Tactical Battle Record x10
37 Clear Main Storyline3-6 LMD x7000
38 Clear Main Storyline3-8 Skill Summary - 3 x5
39 Complete a 4-Difficulty Skirmish stage with 3 stars Recruitment Permit x5
40 Clear Main Storyline4-4 LMD x8000
41 Clear Main Storyline4-7 Carbon Brick x5
42 Clear Main Storyline4-10 LMD x10000
43 Clear Main Storyline5-3 Tactical Battle Record x10
44 Own at least 1 Lv.5 Control Center Recruitment Permit x5
45 Clear Main Storyline5-7 Tactical Battle Record x10
46 Clear Main Storyline5-10 LMD x12000
47 Clear Main Storyline6-5 Tactical Battle Record x10
48 Complete a 5-Difficulty Supplies stage with 3 stars LMD x12000
49 Clear Main Storyline6-11 Recruitment Permit x5
50 Clear Main Storyline6-16 LMD x15000
51 Clear Main Storyline7-9 LMD x15000
52 Clear Main Storyline7-12 Skill Summary - 3 x5
53 Clear Main Storyline7-16 Recruitment Permit x5
54 Clear Main Storyline7-18 Tactical Battle Record x15
55 Clear Main StorylineR8-8 LMD x15000
56 Clear Main StorylineM8-8 Skill Summary - 3 x5
57 Clear Main StorylineJT8-2 Tactical Battle Record x15
58 Clear Main StorylineJT8-3 Strategic Battle Record x10
59 Clear Main Storyline9-6 LMD x15000
60 Clear Main Storyline9-14 Skill Summary - 3 x5
61 Clear Main Storyline9-18 Tactical Battle Record x15
62 Clear Main Storyline9-19 Strategic Battle Record x10
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