Arknights: Integrated Strategies - Event List

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  • The Integrated Strategies game mode can have the Doctor encounter several different types of Events, where they can be presented with one or multiple choices with different outcomes.
  • Events can sometimes award Relics, or various other bonuses that are for the Integrated Strategies run, and have some event-specific dialogue.
  • Click on the event's name below to see the list of choices and the rewards/results from each choice for a given event!

Event List

Event ID Title Event Title (CN)
1 Camp 扎营
2 Rhodes Island Field Personnel 罗德岛外勤
3 Miasmic Woods 瘴气林地
4 Travel Companion Store 旅行友商
5 Messenger Recruitment 信使招募
6 Brawl Site 打群架现场
7 Massive Skull 巨型骸骨
8 Bearer of Tales 有故事的人
9 Tactical Supplies 战术补给
10 Intrepid Messenger 强悍信使
11 Damsel in Distress 呼救的少女
12 Odd Vending Machine 古怪的饮料机器
13 Lost Victorian Knight 迷路的维多利亚骑士
14 Legend of the Pocket Watch 怀表的传说
15 Rusthammer Battle 锈锤之战
16 Black Procession 黑色庆典
17 A duck 一只鸭子
18 That same duck 还是一只鸭子
19 A... duck? 一只......鸭子?
20 “Barside Entertainment” “酒桌应酬”
21 Exhausted Inspector’s Journey 疲惫督查之旅
22 Non-Existent Fairy Tale I 不存在的童话·Ⅰ
23 Non-Existent Fairy Tale II 不存在的童话·Ⅱ
24 Non-Existent Fairy Tale III 不存在的童话·Ⅲ
25 After the Deathmatch 死斗之后
26 Looming Disaster 灾祸将至
27 A Toaster 一台烤面包机
28 Teller of Tales 讲故事的人
rest Safe House 安全屋
c1 Originium Slug Race 源石虫赛跑
c2 Eccentric Merchant 古怪推销员
blackm Drinking Contest 喝酒大赛
treasure Supplies 补给品
startbuff Rewards 行动奖励
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