Arknights: Material Drops From Future Events And Episodes

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Article by Daniel O'Brien

Get the Drop on Your Farming Plans

This page shows the T3 Elite Materials that drop from stages of future events. Only events that introduce new stages that can be farmed are listed.  For the exact efficiency of farming these materials compared to normal-stage farming, see the Farming Guide for each event, as it will be added there when it is available.  Event pages are linked to their images below.  

This page will be updated regularly, with events removed after arriving to global, and being added when they arrive on CN. Info shown here is based on the analysis of Mousse's spreadsheet , Luzark's Planner, and ArkOneGraph.

A full list of future CN Event pages can be found here:

Drops From Event-Stage-Farming Events (Event Stage Farming Is Required)


Efficient Drops From Side-Story Events (Event Stage Farming Is NOT Required)

Drops That Get Better Drop Efficiency In Future Episodes

NOTE: Episode 8 data is still limited, so could be subject to change.
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