Arknights: Recruitment Tag Appearance and Rarity Rate Statistics

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Article by Daniel O'Brien

Do You Rarely See a Rare Recruitment Tag?

Do you ever feel like you are the ONLY person you know not getting Top Operator Tags? Or like everyone but you already has Vulcan and Indra Pot 2? FivePlop has collected and analyzed the largest non-crowd sourced data set I've seen to date using this sheet.  Here are the individual Tag Rates that were seen over 3985 recruitments:

Individual Tag Appearance


From the author:

  • How to read the table above: AoE appeared on 576 rolls of 3985 , thus have a 14.5% on average to appear on any given roll.
  • There is probably a hidden mechanic for selecting a higher rarity. As defender/ defense and dps/ survival are common tags but rarely appear together on a roll. Senior /Top operators often appear together on rolls.

Rarity Result Per Tag

Here is a breakdown of the chance to get a higher rarity Operator from specific tags. Note that some tags do not have enough data to draw significant conclusions.


From the Author:

  • The Blue highlight is a personal note for me to collect more data on the tags because of small sample size.
  • The data has not yet been analyzed to see if 7:40 or 9hrs produces higher rarity Operators.
  • Across all permits recorded, the rates are:
    • 3★: 73%
    • 4★: 26%
    • 5★ or 6★: 1%

Interesting Results Summary

  • Chances of getting Top Operator was roughly 1 in 650.
  • Chances of getting Senior Operator was roughly the same as Top Operator.
  • Chances of getting any Tag that alone guarantees a 5 Star or higher Operator was around 1 in 150.

Recruitment Resources

To be sure you are never missing out on a potential rare Operator, be sure to use our Recruitment Guid and Calculator!

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