Operators Obtained from Clearing Stages

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  • Below are a list of Operators that are obtained for free via story progression and which Stage they are obtained from.
  • Operators are separated by whether they come from a Main (Story) stage or an Activity (Event) stage.

Operator List

Stage Type: Main

Stage Code Name Operator Icon Operator Name
0-5 Corruption Plume
0-8 Hunting Lava
0-10 Dilemma Ansel
0-11 Blockade Running Melantha
1-7 The Tyrant Orchid
1-12 Pyrrhic Victory Shaw
2-10 Beyond Cure Amiya
3-8 Dusk Amiya
4-9 Bad to the Bone Amiya
7-2 Night of Farewells THRM-EX
7-18 Death of a Patriot Amiya

Stage Type: Activity

Stage Code Name Operator Icon Operator Name
GT-3 An Unexpected Journey Grani
OF-4 The General Ceylon
CB-5 8:31P.M. Bison
CB-5r 8:31P.M. Bison
OF-4r The General Ceylon