'The Deathless Black Snake'

Handbook Entry

'The Deathless Black Snake' (不死的黑蛇"")
Attack Type: Ranged
A disenchanted Reunion soldier, or a giant manipulating history? A conspirator full of lies, or a nobleman swallowed by tragedy? The truth has been turned to ash, and only an evil god stands in the flames.
Attacks deal True damage and apply [Burning Breath] to the target (Deals increasing True damage each second, but can be Status Resistance); Takes greatly reduced damage from targets afflicted by [Burning Breath]; Applies [Burning Breath] to two of your units; Detonates all units on the battlefield afflicted by [Burning Breath], dealing Arts damage to the surrounding four tiles and applying [Burning Breath] to targets hit by this splash effect. When HP drops to 0, releases [Deathless Inferno], dealing massive Arts damage across the battlefield; When Enraged, gains greatly increased HP and ATK and summons [Energy Aggregates] to assist in battle.


Level 0
General Stats
Life Point Damage 2
Range Radius 2
Max HP 50000
Attack 770
Defense 800
Magic Resistance 50
Move Speed 0.5
Attack Speed 100
Base Attack Time 4.5
Weight Level (Affects Shift Operator Skills) 6
Stun Immune Yes
Silence Immune Yes
Sleep Immune Yes
Frozen Immune Yes
Skills 1: SummonFlame
SP Cost: 0
Cooldown: 50
Initial CD: 75
Skill Effect Data:
branch_id: 0 bsnake_flame
Skills 2: Ignite
SP Cost: 0
Cooldown: 19
Initial CD: 19
Skill Effect Data:
dragon_fire.duration: 30.5
Skills 3: DragonFireExplode
SP Cost: 0
Cooldown: 35
Initial CD: 35
Skill Effect Data:
atk_scale: 1
Skills 4: ScreenAttack
SP Cost: 0
Cooldown: 0
Initial CD: 0
Skill Effect Data:
atk_scale: 1
Talent 1 Effect Data:
protect.bsnake_t[protect].damage_resistance: 0.5
Talent 2 Effect Data:
reborn.bsnake_t[protect].damage_resistance: 0.5
Talent 3 Effect Data:
reborn.duration: 5
Talent 4 Effect Data:
reborn.max_hp: 0.5
Talent 5 Effect Data:
reborn.atk: 0.5
Talent 6 Effect Data:
[email protected]_fire.duration: 30.5
Talent 7 Effect Data:
[email protected]_fire.baseDamage: 50
Level 1