'Emperor's Blade', Pursuer

Handbook Entry

'Emperor's Blade', Pursuer (“皇帝的利刃”,追猎者)
Attack Type: Melee Ranged
He once ravaged the demons of the Northern Tundra, segregating the outsiders beyond the reach of civilization; His blade shies not from royals nor nobles, safeguarding glory from the dusts of rebellion. Every Royal Guard is as a dominion; the land beneath their feet is all the territory of Ursus.
Whenever a certain percentage of HP is lost, unleashes the permanent terrain effect [Dominion], significantly reducing allied units' ASPD and reducing Physical and Arts damage taken by self when within its effect (Prioritizes targeting the ally unit outside of [Dominion] with the highest damage dealt to self); Casts [Collapsing Fear] which deals Arts damage to nearby units, instantly defeating the target if they are within [Dominion]; The first time HP drops to 0, casts [Collapsing Fear] on the entire battlefield; During his second form, his attacks and skills are more powerful


Level 0
General Stats
Life Point Damage 2
Range Radius 2
Max HP 28000
Attack 600
Defense 400
Magic Resistance 40
Move Speed 0.6
Attack Speed 100
Base Attack Time 4
Weight Level (Affects Shift Operator Skills) 6
Stun Immune Yes
Silence Immune Yes
Sleep Immune Yes
Frozen Immune No
Skills 1: BlackRingP1
SP Cost: 0
Cooldown: 20
Initial CD: 20
Skill Effect Data:
atk_scale: 1
Skills 2: BlackRingP2
SP Cost: 0
Cooldown: 20
Initial CD: 20
Skill Effect Data:
atk_scale: 1
Talent 1 Effect Data:
BlackFogTriggerP1.hp_ratio: 0.5
Talent 2 Effect Data:
BlackFogTriggerP2.hp_ratio: 0.25
Talent 3 Effect Data:
Reborn.duration: 7.2
Talent 4 Effect Data:
Reborn.rest_duration: 3
Talent 5 Effect Data:
Reborn.atk: 0.5
Talent 6 Effect Data:
Reborn.reborn_invincible.duration: 10
Talent 7 Effect Data:
Reborn.atk_scale: 1
Level 1