Handbook Entry

Manfred (曼弗雷德)
Attack Type: Ranged Arts
A young Sarkaz general, member of the Military Commission of Kazdel. After enlisting a large number of mercenaries in Londinium, he has assembled and trained a brand new type of fighting force. His Arts Unit 'Teekazwurtzen' was bestowed upon him by Theresis, the Regent of Kazdel, who also taught him the swordsmanship he now employs.
Uses his floating cannon to inflict Arts damage; Upon firing, floating cannon will charge up Londinium Secondary Defense Artillery. [Focus] Continuously gains ASPD when attacking the same target (this effect is capped), rapidly decaying when switching targets or not attacking for a few seconds; [Military Training] Has high Physical and Arts dodge, but after being bombarded by the City Defense Artillery, temporarily loses this dodge effect and is stunned for a few seconds; [From Withered Trunk, New Branches] When defeated for the first time, randomly attacks all targets on the battlefield with his floating cannon, greatly accelerating the charge rate of Londinium Secondary Defense Artillery; In his second form, draws his sword alongside his floating cannon to perform simultaneous Physical and Arts attacks.


Level 0
General Stats
Life Point Damage 2
Range Radius 2
Max HP 40000
Attack 1000
Defense 600
Magic Resistance 40
Move Speed 0.5
Attack Speed 100
Base Attack Time 5
Weight Level (Affects Shift Operator Skills) 8
Stun Immune No
Silence Immune Yes
Sleep Immune Yes
Frozen Immune No
Skills 1: Pose
SP Cost: 0
Cooldown: 9999
Initial CD: 0
Skill Effect Data:
Skills 2: Funnel_rage
SP Cost: 0
Cooldown: 9999
Initial CD: 9999
Skill Effect Data:
atk_scale: 0.3
Talent 1 Effect Data:
Funnel_s1_charge.sp: 3
Talent 2 Effect Data:
Funnel_common.attack@attack_speed: 60
Talent 3 Effect Data:
Funnel_common.attack@max_stack_cnt: 5
Talent 4 Effect Data:
Funnel_common.attack@duration: 6
Talent 5 Effect Data:
Funnel_s1.attack@ep_damage_ratio: 0
Talent 6 Effect Data:
Funnel_s1.attack@atk_scale: 0.5
Talent 7 Effect Data:
Funnel_s2.times: 1
Level 1