Sal Viento Bishop Quintus

Handbook Entry

Sal Viento Bishop Quintus (盐风主教昆图斯)
Attack Type: Ranged
A member of the Church of the Deep who snuck into disaster-ravaged Iberia. He changed the law of the land through his sincere beliefs, in pursuit of the perfect form, yet he was unable to fathom the will of the ocean. Then again, who could?
Attacks two targets with the highest DEF simultaneously; [Great Tide] deals Arts damage and Neural Damage to all allied units; [Collapse] deals Physical damage to multiple allied units; [Fragmentation] summons its offspring to entwine themselves around allied units and Stun them; [Species Outbreak] removes all Life Points when a long time has passed in the battle.


Level 0
General Stats
Life Point Damage 0
Range Radius 99
Max HP 100000
Attack 380
Defense 500
Magic Resistance 50
Move Speed 1
Attack Speed 100
Base Attack Time 3.5
Weight Level (Affects Shift Operator Skills) 99
Stun Immune Yes
Silence Immune Yes
Sleep Immune Yes
Frozen Immune No
Skills 1: Tidewater
SP Cost: 0
Cooldown: 40
Initial CD: 45
Skill Effect Data:
ep_damage_ratio: 0.5
Skills 2: Rockfall
SP Cost: 0
Cooldown: 40
Initial CD: 37
Skill Effect Data:
ep_damage_ratio: 0
Skills 3: SummonTentac
SP Cost: 0
Cooldown: 40
Initial CD: 50
Skill Effect Data:
branch_id: 0 dslily_dstnta
Skills 4: TidewaterG1
SP Cost: 0
Cooldown: 35
Initial CD: 15
Skill Effect Data:
ep_damage_ratio: 0.667
Skills 5: RockfallG1
SP Cost: 0
Cooldown: 40
Initial CD: 4
Skill Effect Data:
ep_damage_ratio: 0
Talent 1 Effect Data:
atkup1.atk: 0.4
Talent 2 Effect Data:
atkup2.atk: 0.7
Talent 3 Effect Data:
[email protected]_damage_ratio: 0.2
Talent 4 Effect Data:
growup1.interval: 75
Talent 5 Effect Data:
growup1.hp_ratio: 0.33
Talent 6 Effect Data:
growup2.interval: 200
Talent 7 Effect Data:
growup2.hp_ratio: 0.33
Level 1