Arknights: [Dossoles Holiday] Event New Mechanics And Enemies

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Article by Daniel O'Brien

Arknights: [Dossoles Holiday] Event New Mechanics And Enemies

Translation Credit: baboo#8142

Image in CN with EN translations below.

Dossoles, a renowned mercantile moving city of Bolivar, with a continued business relationship with Lungmen. This summer, as always, Dossoles extends a candid invitation to Wei Yenwu and his spouse as well as the rat king to spend their holidays there. Wei had planned to reject it as is the usual, but at the behest of Madam Fumizuki, Lungmen has finally sent an envoy. Ch'en, currently in Siesta, has also changed her plans due to the circumstances. Unexpected reunions, a clamorous city, competitions with shifting undercurrents. Ch'en's holiday had begun.

New Mechanics

1) Rising Tides

Submerged areas cannot be deployed on, enemies and friendly units in the water are affected by erosion: Friendly units receive an ASPD debuff and continually take erosion damage. Extra erosion damage is applied when they are attacked. Enemy movement and attack speed are lowered while inside, and their HP is continually drained.

2) Erosion Damage

Erosion damage does not apply damage directly, instead accumulating while ignoring any current resistances operators have. Once enough erosion accumulates, the operator takes a large amount of physical damage and has their DEF permanently lowered.

3) Specialised Waterborne Platforms

Can be deployed on deep water tiles. Afterwards, any operator can be placed on that tile, but the platform is destroyed as the deployed unit retreats.

4) Deep Waters

Cannot be deployed on. Enemy movement and attack speed are lowered while inside, and their HP is continually drained.

New Enemies

1) Diver

The daily job of cleaning up ocean bed garbage is one with low entrance requirements, and surprisingly competent wages. Many people are mixed in this profession. Is not affected by erosion when in water, as well as gaining camouflage and an ATK increase.

2) Harbour Bluejacket

Burly men often found working on the docks or Pancho's ships. They enjoy playing cards and consuming alcohol, and are always in a state of drunkenness. Frequently in contact with water, but not very adept at moving around in water. Can stun friendly units after multiple attacks, but lose HP quickly when under the effects of erosion.

3) Speedboat Caster

A vehicle carrying a Tidal Caster. After the vehicle is destroyed, the caster will continue to fight. When attacking, deals damage to all friendly units in the target tile and the four surrounding tiles, dealing extra erosion damage.

Dossoles Spa Boutique

A weapons shop managed by Ernesto himself in his free time. Successfully challenging the Extreme Iron Man Competition levels will provide you with brand labels, each with different special effects. Through a Customised Solution, brand labels brought into battles can be freely customised and arranged.

When duplicate brand labels are acquired, they can be recycled at the Recycling Counter. Ernesto will buy them from you for an equal price in Mama John's Vouchers.

For every 1000 vouchers recycled at the Recycling Counter, a gift can be acquired from Ernesto. When not all brand labels are collected yet, the gift will be chosen from one of those that are missing. Otherwise, he will pick one from the section of valuable brand labels.

Mama John's Vouchers

Vouchers that can be used at all the Mama John's in Dossoles.

Complete Ch'en's Investigation Handbook, collect Miss Ch'en's Commemorative Medals

Once a certain amount of Commemorative Medals are collected, Ch'en's special investigations album will become unlockable, providing access to hidden levels.

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