Arknights: Grani Event Guide Week 2 - New Operation Info!

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Farming Break!

Very Soon week 2 of the Grani and the Knights’ Treasure Event will begin, and with it will come 6 new combat Operations, 3 of which offer Challenge Modes.  Week Two runs from February 12th, 16:00 UTC-7 to February 19th, 3:59 UTC-7. All of the GT-1 through GT-6 Operations will remain available for farming, details of which can be seen in our first Event Guide. Below we list the new Operations, their unlock conditions, their first-time clear rewards, and the Challenge Mode info if applicable.  The new Operations will have story elements, though I will not say more to avoid potential spoilers. Some things to remember:

  • If you are looking for help clearing the new GT-HX Operations, check out our Normal and Challenge Mode guides here:

  • Completing these Operations only have rewards for the first clear and for completing with 3 Stars (collected as a Side Mission reward), they do not have drops to farm.

  • GT-EX-1 has no unlock conditions.  All others require completing the previous Operation.  Unlocking Challenge Mode requires a 3 Star Clear of the normal mode.

  • All Challenge Mode first-3-Star-clears reward Originite Prime only. 

  • Since there are no drops to farm, Support Operators can and should be used to fill weak points in your team.

  • The additional Operations will be available until the end of the Event on February 19th, 3:59 UTC-7 

  • Do not panic about the in-game recommended Operator Levels, all Operations can be cleared with E1 Level 50 or lower Operators using good strategy.

  • Don’t forget to get your weekly Orundum from Annihilation!

New Operations

Stage Recommended LevelFirst Clear RewardsUnlock ConditionsChallenge Unlock ConditionsChallenge Conditions
GT-EX-1 40
GT-EX-2 Elite 1 Lvl 10
Clear GT-EX-1N/AN/A
GT-EX-3 Elite 1 Lvl 25
Clear GT-EX-2N/AN/A
GT-HX-1 Elite 1 Lvl 35
Clear GT-63 Star GT-HX-1The deployment cost of ranged Operators is tripled.
GT-HX-2 Elite 1 Lvl 55
Clear GT-HX-13 Star GT-HX-2The Attack Speed of all enemies is increased significantly
GT-HX-3 Elite 2 Lvl 20
3 Star GT-HX-2Perfect GT-HX-3The cost of Roadblocks is tripled

New Operation Side Missions

Number Mission Reward
7 Complete GT-EX-1 with a 3-star rating 800
8 Complete GT-EX-2 with a 3-star rating 800
9 Complete GT-EX-3 with a 3-star rating 800
10 Complete GT-HX-1 with a 3-star rating 1000
11 Complete GT-HX-2 with a 3-star rating 1000
12 Complete GT-HX-3 with a 3-star rating Abbey Road Furniture
Total Rewards:4400 and

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