Arknights: Heart Of Surging Flame Event Operations And Farming Guide

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Farming Guide

Details of the Event Operations can be seen in the sections below the farming guides.


  • 5/5/2020 - Updated "Infinite Lotto Box" Section, and linked article for additional information.
  • 5/3/2020 - Added "Daily [Siesta Obsidian] Stopping Totals After Daily Missions" Section.

TLDR Farming Guide:

  • Be sure to complete the Daily Event Missions every day.
  • Clear all Event Operations and Challenges once.
  • Farm OF-7 until you have farmed 2440 [Siesta Obsidian] using 1,220 Sanity.  Don't over-farm [Siesta Obsidian], the rest you will get from Daily Missions. To get this exactly, run:
    • OF-1, OF-2, OF-3, OF-6: 1 time (first clear only)
    • OF-4: 2 times (first clear + 1 more time)
    • OF-7: 58 times (first clear + 57 more times)
  • Farm OF-8 with Sanity to get [Obsidian Festival Ticket].
  • Farm OF-F4 with [Obsidian Festival Ticket] to get [Obsidian Festival Token] for the Capsule Machines.
  • If you are new/low level, all OF stages give the same Obsidian/Ticket per sanity, higher sanity stages just make faster farming.  OF-F3 is the same Token per ticket ratio as OF-F4, just slower farming.
  • The order you wish to farm the Event currency is up to you. Daily Event Missions have rewards for the collection of both currencies, so it may be quicker to complete them if you split the farming, but it is not required.
  • Pure f2p will Definitely have enough Sanity to clear both shops + Weekly Annihilation, so no worries!
  • Using additional Sanity farming the infinite Capsule Machine is a good value use of Sanity (though it is skewed heavily toward Sugar Packs and Manganese Ore).

For details, check the "Detailed Farming Guide" section, and please let me know in the comments or via Discord if you see any errors in my math.

Daily [Siesta Obsidian] Stopping Totals After Daily Missions

    Total [Siesta Obsidian] Daily Stopping Point Including Daily Mission Rewards
    Todays Day [Siesta Obsidian] Total to Stop - AFTER Daily Missions are completed
    Day 1: 4/29-4/30 2440
    Day 2: 4/30-5/1 2560
    Day 3: 5/1-5/2 2680
    Day 4: 5/2-5/3 2800
    Day 5: 5/3-5/4 2920
    Day 6: 5/4-5/5 3040
    Day 7: 5/5-5/6 3160
    Day 8: 5/6-5/7 3280
    Day 9: 5/7-5/8 3400
    Day 10: 5/8-5/9 3520
    Day 11: 5/9-5/10 3640
    Day 12: 5/10-5/11 3760
    Day 13: 5/11-5/12 3880
    Day 14: 5/12-5/13 4000

    Detailed Farming Guide

    There are two main Event Currencies for [Heart of Surging Flame]

    • [Siesta Obsidian] - Players collect rewards based on total accumulated [Siesta Obsidian] via a rewards ladder.  [Siesta Obsidian] is awarded via Daily Missions and completing certain Event Operations.  You only want enough [Siesta Obsidian] to clear the Event ladder, and no more. 4000 [Siesta Obsidian] to clear the Ladder are all that are necessary.
      • A total of 120 [Siesta Obsidian] is awarded for completing the Daily Event Missions. A total of 1560 [Siesta Obsidian]  from Daily Missions can be gained over the course of the 2 week event (since day 1 does not have them), leaving 2,440 [Siesta Obsidian] to farm from Event Operations.
      • Event Operations award 2 [Siesta Obsidian] per sanity spent, though some Operations award a mix of [Siesta Obsidian] and [Obsidian Festival Ticket].  This means 1,220 Sanity on Operations is needed to clear the Ladder.  Since 240 Sanity is gained naturally each day, it will require 5 days of natural Sanity regen to clear the Ladder rewards portion.
      • OF-7 is the fastest node for farming [Siesta Obsidian], costing 20 sanity and giving 40 [Siesta Obsidian]. 
      • To get 2,440 [Siesta Obsidian] exactly run:
        • OF-1: 1 time
        • OF-2: 1 time
        • OF-3: 1 time
        • OF-4: 2 times
        • OF-6: 1 time
        • OF-7: 58 times
    • [Obsidian Festival Ticket] - Players spend [Obsidian Festival Ticket] instead of Sanity to run the [Fairground] Event Operations, which award [Obsidian Festival Token].  [Obsidian Festival Token] are then used to make pulls on the Capsule Machines to gain rewards.  It costs 200 [Obsidian Festival Token] for a 10 pull, and there are 150 items per box, so it costs 3,000 [Obsidian Festival Token] to clear each box.  Since there are 5 Limited Boxes, it requires 15,000 [Obsidian Festival Token] for all Limited Boxes to be cleared.
      • 500 [Obsidian Festival Token] will be given through the Sign-In campaign, leaving 14,500 to gain through shops and Farming.
      • 1,800 [Obsidian Festival Token] are gained through the [Siesta Obsidian] ladder reward, leaving 12,700 [Obsidian Festival Token] to Event Operations.
      • 880 [Obsidian Festival Token] are awarded by first-clear of the [Fairground] and [Challenge] Operations, leaving 11,820 [Obsidian Festival Token] to farm from Event Operations
      • The most efficient Operation to farm [Obsidian Festival Token] is OF-F4, which awards on average 4 [Obsidian Festival Token] per [Obsidian Festival Ticket] spent.  This means 2,955 [Obsidian Festival Ticket] on Operations is needed to clear the limited Capsule Machines.
      • A total of 80 [Obsidian Festival Ticket] is awarded for completing the Daily Event Missions.  A total of 1,040 [Obsidian Festival Ticket] from Daily Missions can be gained over the course of the 2 week event (since day 1 does not have them), leaving 1,915 [Obsidian Festival Ticket] left.
      • 600 [Obsidian Festival Ticket are gained through the [Siesta Obsidian] ladder reward, leaving 1,315 [Obsidian Festival Ticket] to Event Operations.
      • 280 [Obsidian Festival Ticket] are awarded for Operation First-Clear rewards, leaving 1,035 [Obsidian Festival Ticket] to farm.
      • Normal Event Operations award .5 [Obsidian Festival Ticket] per sanity spent, though some Operations award a mix of [Siesta Obsidian] and [Obsidian Festival Ticket].  This means 2,070 Sanity on Operations is needed to clear the limited Capsule Machines.  Since 240 Sanity is gained naturally each day, it will require 8.6 days of natural Sanity regen to clear the limited Capsule Machine rewards portion.
      • OF-8 is the fastest node to farm [Obsidian Festival Ticket], costing 20 Sanity and giving 10 [Obsidian Festival Ticket]
      • OF-F4 is the fastest node to farm [Obsidian Festival Token], costing 20 [Obsidian Pass] and giving 79-81 [Obsidian Festival Token].
    • Total Sanity required for first clears of EX and Challenge is 120.  Total sanity required to clear the [Siesta Obsidian] reward ladder and the limited Capsule Machines is 1,220 + 2,070 = 3,416 Sanity to clear all shops. So 3410 Total sanity needed, which comes out to 244 Sanity per day for the 14 day event.  
    • Natural sanity regen is 240 per day, and the free weekly Sanity Potions give 28.5 Sanity per day.  Since we can also use the sanity potions saved from the previous week, that gives another, averaged out, 14 sanity per day.  The Sign-In bonus gives us an additional 100 Sanity per day. Thus, our total f2p sanity per day is  382.5.  Monthly Pack buyers have 442.5 Sanity per day.
    • This means that, over the 2 week period, pure f2p will be able to clear both shops with an estimated 1,939 remaining to get your Weekly Annihilation Orundum Cap and to farm the crap out of the infinite Capsule Machine.
    • Monthly Pack buyers will be able to clear the shops with an estimated 2779 Sanity remaining for Annihilation Weekly Orundum Cap and infinite Capsule Machine Degen farming.

    See something wrong with my math?  Let me know in the comments below or DM me in Discord.

    Should I farm the Unlimited Capsule Machine with extra Sanity?


    • Yes, but it is not better than Main Stages by large amounts (eg, not like the Grani Event).
    • It is very Sanity efficient for farming, especially for T3 (heavily weighted in Sugar Packs and Manganese Ore), and a worthy investment of your Sanity.
    • It is not so much better than Main Stages that players should feel pressured to go all-in all-the-time.  If you choose to farm things outside of the Infinite Lotto box, it will not be a large opportunity-cost of sanity.

    Detailed Answer:

    Each pull of the unlimited Capsule Machine costs 40 [Obsidian Festival Tokens], which requires on average 10 [Obsidian Festival Ticket] which costs 20 Sanity to farm.

    This 20 Sanity spent on the unlimited Capsule Machine will, on average return an estimated 29 Sanity Value.  What does this mean?  Want to know more about if you should be farming the Infinite Lotto Box and if it is better than main stages?  Check out our detailed article on the subject here:

    To see how many Packs and how much Ore you might need, visit the material pages and see the section that shows how many of the material are needed for upgrades to each Operator.

    Total First Clear Rewards

    Operations - Main Stage

    Stage Sanity Rec. Lvl & Unlock Cond. First Time Drops Additional Drops
    OF-ST1 0
    Clear 1-10
    OF-1 8
    OF-ST2 0
    OF-2 12
    OF-3 16
    OF-4 16
    OF-ST3 0
    OF-5 16
    Elite 1 Lv.1
    OF-6 20
    Elite 1 Lv.15
    OF-ST4 0
    OF-7 20
    Elite 1 Lv.25
    OF-8 20
    Elite 1 Lv.40
    OF-ST5 0

    Operations - Fairground

    Stage Sanity Rec. Lvl & Unlock Cond. First Time Drops Additional Drops
    Elite 1 Lv.10
    Elite 1 Lv.30
    Elite 1 Lv.60

    Operations - [Extra Show] - EX & Challenge

    Starts from May 6, 2020, 16:00(UTC-7)

    Challenge Conditions:

    • OF-EX1 - Increased ranged enemy attack range
    • OF-EX2 - Increased enemy Defense
    • OF-EX3 - Increased enemy attack speed
    • OF-EX4 - Medic deployment cost tripled
    • OF-EX5 - Natural DP regen decreased by 2/3
    • OF-EX6 - Deployable blocks reduced by half
    Stage Sanity Rec. Lvl & Unlock Cond. First Time Drops Additional Drops Challenge Reward
    OF-EX1 10
    Elite 1 Lv.30
    OF-EX2 10
    Elite 1 Lv.40
    OF-EX3 10
    Elite 1 Lv.70
    OF-EX4 10
    Elite 2 Lv.1
    OF-EX5 10
    Elite 2 Lv.15
    OF-EX6 10
    Elite 2 Lv.30
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