Contingency Contract: Season #0 Exchange Store And Farming Guide

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Article by Daniel O'Brien

Season #0 Exchange Store

This is a shop that exists only for this CC Season #0 and will no longer be available after this Event ends.  The main Event Page can be found here:

Farming Guide

The currency is 「Contract Bounties」, which are earned by completing Daily and Overall Event missions.

NOTE: This section will be updated as I get more information.  If you see any errors or have additional suggestions, please leave them in the comments or contact me via discord.

  • Daily Missions provide a total possible 145 [Contract Bounties] per day.  13 days of Daily Missions provided a total possible of 1885 [Contract Bounties}
  • Permanent Stage missions provide a total of 2240 [Contract Bounties]
  • First-clear rewards for new Daily Stages reward 100 [Contract Bounties] each, for a total of 700
  • Total possible [Contract Bounties] is 4825.
  • Total cost of clearing Cross-Season store items is 2020 [Contract Bounties] (2320 if you need the Amiya Newsgirl Skin)
  • Total cost of clearing the Season #0 store is 3075 [Contract Bounties]
  • Total cost of clearing both stores is 5095. Total cost of clearing current event store + Bibeak and max Potential Tokens = 4095
  • Thus, there is not enough currency to clear both the current event and cross-seasonal shop, but there is enough to clear the current event store + max Potential Bibeak.
  • NOTE: will add more details about shop efficiency and recommendations when I have it, but it is likely to be as follows:
    • Priority 1: Bibeak and her Max Potential
    • Priority 2: Clear current event shop in order of most to least needed materials (Battle Records can potentially be skipped depending on your base setup and Operator needs)
    • Priority 3: from the infinite store, Coagulating Gel > Polyester Pack > Orirock Cluster
    • Priority 4: Class Tokens are per personal preference, place them in the priority where you wish.
  • Shop efficiency from PeterYR#8655 Spreadsheet based on Moe's Farming Spreadsheet calculations:
Shop Totals Summary (not including Infinite Item Sinks)
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