Darknights' Memoir - Event Missions

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Article by Daniel O'Brien

Darknights' Memoir - Event Missions

Special Thanks: Peacecow, Botzu, Hakurai

Completing the following Event Missions will reward [Unnamed Dog-tag]s, Furniture, and the welfare Operator Sideroca.

  • Total number of Dogtags awarded from Missions: 860
  • Total number of Dogtags needed to clear the Store: 6059 total for the initial contents, and 8449 total after the additions were made.
1 Clear DM-1 Anonymous Tags x20
2 Clear DM-1 with 3 stars or higher Famous Painting Replica
3 Clear DM-2 Anonymous Tags x20
4 Clear DM-2 with 3 stars or higher Famous Painting Copy
5 Clear DM-3 Sideroca
6 Clear DM-4 Anonymous Tags x30
7 Clear DM-4 with 3 stars or higher Seven Cities Patterned Wallpaper
8 Clear DM-5 Anonymous Tags x40
9 Clear DM-4 with 3 stars or higher Seven Cities Patterned Floorboards
10 Clear DM-6 Anonymous Tags x40
11 Clear DM-6 with 3 stars or higher Large Notice Board
12 Clear DM-7 Anonymous Tags x50
13 Clear DM-7 with 3 stars or higher Restaurant Notice Board
14 Clear DM-8 Anonymous Tags x50
15 Clear DM-8 with 3 stars or higher Double-Row Seating (Occupied)
16 Clear DM-EX-1 Anonymous Tags x60
17 Clear DM-EX-2 Anonymous Tags x60
18 Clear DM-EX-3 Anonymous Tags x80
19 Clear DM-EX-4 Anonymous Tags x80
20 Clear DM-EX-5 Anonymous Tags x100
21 Clear DM-EX-6 Anonymous Tags x100
22 Clear DM-EX-6 Challenge Mode Plaque - Enthusiasm
23 Defeat a total of 1000 Enemies Anonymous Tags x20
24 Defeat a total of 5000 Enemies Anonymous Tags x30
25 Defeat a total of 10000 Enemies Anonymous Tags x50
Total Rewards:
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