Gavial The Great Chief Returns - Event Missions

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Article by Daniel O'Brien

Gavial The Great Chief Returns - Event Missions

Completing the following Event Missions will reward [Mechanical Component], Furniture, and the welfare Operator Tomimi.

  • Total number of Components awarded from Missions: 900
  • Total number of Components needed to clear the Store: 5219
1 Clear RI-1 Mechanical Parts x20
2 Clear RI-2 Mechanical Parts x20
3 Clear RI-3 Mechanical Parts x20
4 Clear RI-3 with 3 stars or higher Tribal Sofa
5 Clear RI-4 Tomimi
6 Clear RI-5 Mechanical Parts x40
7 Clear RI-5 with 3 stars or higher Totem Speakers
8 Clear RI-6 Mechanical Parts x40
9 Clear RI-6 with 3 stars or higher Tribal Floor Tiles
10 Clear RI-7 Mechanical Parts x60
11 Clear RI-7 with 3 stars or higher Tribal Stone Wall
12 Clear RI-8 Mechanical Parts x60
13 Clear RI-8 with 3 stars or higher Warchief’s Throne
14 Clear RI-EX-1 Mechanical Parts x60
15 Clear RI-EX-2 Tribal Decorative Chandelier
16 Clear RI-EX-3 Mechanical Parts x60
17 Clear RI-EX-4 Tribal Decorative Curtains
18 Clear RI-EX-5 Mechanical Parts x60
19 Clear RI-EX-6 Mechanical Parts x60
20 Clear RI-EX-7 Mechanical Parts x60
21 Clear RI-EX-8 Mechanical Parts x60
22 Clear RI-EX-8 Challenge Mode Plaque - Imagination
23 Defeat a total of 800 Enemies Mechanical Parts x60
24 Defeat a total of 3000 Enemies Mechanical Parts x80
25 Defeat a total of 6000 Enemies Mechanical Parts x100
Total Rewards:
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