Gavial The Great Chief Returns - Event Operations and Farming Guide

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Farming Guide

Special Thanks: pumpkin#5585

Event Currency:

Note numbers will be updated for global when exact start, end, and maintenance times are known.

  • Event Currency only drops from Normal Event Stages.
  • Total needed to clear shop: 5219
  • Total from Event Missions: 900
  • Total from First Clear rewards: 940 (440 from normal Stages 500 from EX stages)
  • Remaining currency needed from normal Event stages: 3379
  • Currency drops at a rate of 1:1 for sanity spent,  so 3379 Sanity is needed on normal event Stages
  • Sanity required for First clear of EX and Challenge mode: 250
  • Total Sanity required to clear the Store: 3629
  • One week of Annihilation will require around 125 Sanity.
  • Total Sanity required is 3754
  • The event runs for 13 Days and 18 hours, so natural Sanity regen supplies 3300, and the maintenance compensation gives 40 sanity for a total of 3340.  The weekly mission Top pots give an extra 200 per week, for a total of 400, or 600 if you saved from the week before.  Total possible of f2p regen is about 3740
  • Total F2P regen should be juuuuuust enough to clear the shop, as players should be coming into the event with some sanity, many players are likely to level during the event, and many players may want to skip Furniture Parts.
  • F2P players should be able to clear the shop if they save pots and spend sanity efficiently.
  • The monthly pack provides an additional 840 sanity over 2 weeks, for a total of 4600, so monthly pass players will have enough to clear the shop if they spend efficiently.

T3 Materials Farmable From Event Stages

  • RI-8 - RMA70-12
  • RI-7 - Sugar Pack
  • RI-6 - Orirock Cluster

Farming efficiencies (Source): RI-6 is good.  RI-7 and RI-8 are great.  If in doubt, farm RMA.


To see how many of these Materials your Operators might need, check the material pages or the Planner here:

For more information to help you decide what to farm, see the following page:

Gavial The Great Chief Returns - Event Operations

This Page shows the Operations available during the Gavial The Great Chief Returns - Event Operations Event. 

Trust bonus on Event stages

Total First Clear Rewards
T3 Materials Farmable From Event Stages

Main Operations

Stage Sanity Rec. Lvl & Unlock Cond. First Time Drops Additional Drops
RI-1 9
Clear 1-10
RI-2 9
Clear RI-1
RI-TR-1 0
Clear RI-2
RI-3 12
Elite 1 Lv. 20
Clear RI-TR-1
RI-4 12
Elite 1 Lv. 30
Clear RI-3
RI-ST-1 0
Clear RI-4
RI-5 15
Elite 1 Lv. 40
Clear RI-ST-1
RI-6 15
Elite 1 Lv. 50
Clear RI-5
RI-ST-2 0
Clear RI-6
RI-7 18
Elite 1 Lv. 70
Clear RI-ST-2
RI-8 18
Elite 2 Lv. 10
Clear RI-7
RI-9 18
Elite 2 Lv. 10
Clear RI-8

EX and Challenge Modes

Translation Credit: baboo#8142 and Noël#4395

Challenge Conditions:

RI-EX-1: Brawl Crocodile gains stealth

RI-EX-2: Thrower Crocodile ASPD decreased, ATK greatly increased

RI-EX-3: All operator HP decreased

RI-EX-4: Enemy RES increased

RI-EX-5: Deploy Limit -2

RI-EX-6: -6 Rhodes Temp workers and enemy abilities cannot be nullified

RI-EX-7: No Defenders allowed

RI-EX-8: 7 grids forbid deployment

Stage Sanity Rec. Lvl & Unlock Cond. First Time Drops Additional Drops Challenge Reward
RI-EX-1 10
Elite 1 Lv. 40
Clear RI-9
RI-EX-2 10
Elite 1 Lv. 50
Clear RI-EX-1
RI-EX-3 15
Elite 1 Lv. 70
Clear RI-EX-2
RI-EX-4 15
Elite 1 Lv. 70
Clear RI-EX-3
RI-EX-5 15
Elite 2 Lv. 10
Clear RI-EX-4
RI-EX-6 20
Elite 2 Lv. 20
Clear RI-EX-5
RI-EX-7 20
Elite 2 Lv. 25
Clear RI-EX-6
RI-EX-8 20
Elite 2 Lv. 30
Clear RI-EX-7

Source Vid for the First Drop counts.

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