Operational Intelligence Event Operations

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Event Operations

Note: The following information is based on the CN run of the event.  Any changes for the EN event will be made when the information becomes available.

During the Operational Intelligence Event, ALL Operations (except for Challenge Modes, Extreme Modes and Annihilation) will award the Event Currency [Valid Intelligence Units] at a rate of 1 [Valid Intelligence Unit] per Sanity spent (1:1 ratio).  Since Event Currency drop is not limited to Event nodes, you can freely farm whatever enhancement materials you may need.

Episodes 1 through 5 will have a new Operation with a Challenge Mode (5 new Operations, each with a Challenge Mode). Below are the Operations that will be added with the Event.

Note: Sanity costs and Challenge Mode Info will be added to the table soon, but more details on the stages can be seen by visiting their respective pages.

Should You Farm?

The following section provided courtesy of tlst9999.  Their Arknights Stage Drop Rates Google Doc can be found here.

Sanity Costs and notable drops:

  • SW-EV-1: 6 (Sugar Substitute and Gold)
  • SW-EV-2: 9 (Orirock)
  • SW-EV-3: 12 (Polyketon & Sugar Substitute)
  • SW-EV-4: 15 (Oriron & Orirock Cube)
  • SW-EV-5: 18 (Polyester Pack & Orirock Cube)


  • SW-EV-1 ,2 & 3 are worse than what we currently have. Do not farm those.
  • SW-EV-4 & SW-EV-5 are good farming stages, but they're not too different than their main story counterparts.
  • Only SW-EV-5 is worth considering over main story Stages for farming Polyester Packs/Orirock Cubes
  • None of the Event Stages represent massive improvements in material drop rates (Unlike the Grani Event).
  • Since all main stages drop Event currency at a rate of 1 currency for 1 Sanity spent, farm whatever stages drop the materials you most need to clear the Event Store.
Arknights OI Event Stage Drop Breakdown

New Operations

Stage Sanity Rec. Lvl & Unlock Cond. First Time Drops Additional Drops Challenge Reward
SW-EV-1 6
SW-EV-2 9
Elite 1 Lv.1
SW-EV-3 12
Elite 1 Lv.35
SW-EV-4 15
Elite 1 Lv.70
SW-EV-5 18
Elite 2 Lv.20

Useful Resources

Event Summary Infograph

Arknights OI Infographic

More information can be found on Bepsi Bot's Event Sheet.

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