Twilight of Wolumonde - Event Operations and Farming Guide

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Farming Guide

Stages with good drop rates include the following:

  • TW-8 - Grindstone
  • TW-7 - Aketon
  • TW-6 - Incandescent Alloy

Event Currency:

  • Event Currency [Aristocrat's Antique Aureus] only drops from Normal Event Stages.
  • Total needed to clear shop: 6344
  • Total from Event Missions: 940
  • Total from First Clear rewards: 1360
  • Sanity required for First Clear of EX, Challenge, S, and MO Stages: 285
  • Remaining currency needed from normal Event stages: 4044
  • Since currency drops on normal Event stages at a rate of 1:1 for sanity spent, 4044 Sanity must be spent on normal Event stages.
  • Sanity required for First Clear + normal event stage currency farm = 4329 Sanity required to clear the shop
  • Natural Sanity regen supplies 3360 over 2 weeks.  The weekly mission pots give and extra 400 for a total of 3760.  3960 if you save from the week before.  Thus, f2p players may not have enough sanity to clear the shop, since Annihilation rewards need to be gotten as well.  Players should save all possible pots from previous weeks and carefully spend currency.  We'll see if they provide any additional sanity with campaigns.
  • The monthly pack provides an additional 840 sanity over 2 weeks, for a total of 4800, so monthly pass players should be able to clear the shop if they use sanity efficiently.
  • Efficiency calculations and analysis from Mousse's Spreadsheet:
Screen Shot 2020-10-22 at 2.30.59 PMScreen Shot 2020-10-22 at 2.45.19 PM

To see if you Operators need any of these Materials, check their Pages or the Planner:

Twilight of Wolumonde - Event Operations

Special Thanks: Botzu

SPOILERS: The Section titled [Secret Missions and Operations and Tribulation Modes] shows the answers (Mission Objectives) to the "Search Warrant" riddles.  

This Page shows the Operations available during the Twilight of Wolumonde Event. 

This event has a few new elements:

Secret Missions and Stages

There are 5 secret missions which, once completed, award Search Warrants that contribute to unlocking 2 secret stages.  These secret Missions are discovered by answering riddles, which can be viewed by clicking the 5 coin icons surrounding the book (in the image below).  More information on the secret missions and stage unlocking requirements can be found in the Secret Missions and Operations section below.


New Game Mode: Tribulation Mode

A new game mode has been added with this event called "Tribulation Mode".  When [Tribulation Mode] is available, it is shown with a yellow color (instead of a red color for Challenge Mode), as can be seen in the image below.


In Tribulation Mode, the player must use a team pre-assigned by the game, and has some units already deployed.  The mode also adds some challenges and restrictions, such as forbidding some tiles for deployment.  More details can be found in the descriptions for TW-S-1 and TW-S-2 below.

New Enemies


New Mechanics

Total First Clear Rewards

Main Operations

Stage Sanity Rec. Lvl & Unlock Cond. First Time Drops Additional Drops
TW-ST-1 0
Clear 1-10
TW-1 9
Clear TW-ST-1
TW-2 9
Clear TW-1
TW-TR-1 0
Clear TW-2
TW-3 12
Elite 1 Lv. 20
Clear TW-TR-1
TW-4 12
Elite 1 Lv. 30
Clear TW-3
TW-5 15
Elite 1 Lv. 40
Clear TW-4
TW-6 15
Elite 1 Lv. 50
Clear TW-5
TW-7 18
Elite 1 Lv. 70
Clear TW-6
TW-8 18
Elite 2 Lv. 10
Clear TW-7
TW-ST-2 0
Clear TW-8

Secret Missions and Operations and Tribulation Modes

Secret Missions

Clue 1: Things happen suddenly, and thus I write: This is the first time the nine-tailed child will join battle.  By harnessing her unique Arts, the enemy will never be able to touch those devices.

A: Beat the TW-4 with 3 Stars and without the enemies touching the devices

Clue 2: Do not rely on any external power.  They will only tarnish the purity of your Arts.  At the moment anger boils overdiscard the power of the devices and make your stand.

A: Beat TW-6 with 3 Stars without capturing a tower for yourself

Clue 3:The morning mist compels the quill.  The stones of Wolumonde congregarte, then disintegrate.  Until 20 Colossi are returned to the earth, the land shall know no respite.

A: Defeat 20 golems

Clue 4Beneath the Capitol Spire, Mudrock's Sarkaz decide to act.  A tongue of flame laps at the whole town, But in front of the games, no more than 6 people stand guard.

A: Beat TW-8 with 3 Stars with a maximum of 6 operators in Squad

Clue 5: At the end of it all, consciousness begins to escape from my mind.  I saw the town I once hated riddled with holes, but this brought me no joy.  The ones left behind continue their search into the wilderness, and find a new conflict.  There, I see three wandering giants.  I see our mountain.

A: Beat TW-S-1 Tribulation mode


  • TW-S-1 becomes available when 4 of the 5 Missions are completed
  • TW-S-2 becomes available when all 5 of the Missions are completed

Tribulation Mode Conditions



  • Must use provided team
  • Gummy and Zima (E2 Lvl20) already deployed
  • 5 tiles forbidden from deployment
  • Deploy Limit -2

Provided Team

Initial Map Deployment:



  • Must use provided team
  • Angelina (E2 Lvl30) already deployed
  • 1 tile forbidden from deployment

Provided Team

Initial Map Deployment:

Stage Sanity Rec. Lvl & Unlock Cond. First Time Drops Additional Drops Challenge Reward
TW-S-1 15
Elite 2 Lv. 10
Clear 1-10
TW-S-2 15
Elite 2 Lv. 20
Clear TW-S-1

EX and Challenge Modes

Challenge Conditions:

  • TW-EX-1 : 4 tiles on the battlefield can no longer be deployed upon.
  • TW-EX-2 : All enemies have increased Movement Speed.
  • TW-EX-3 : All allied units have -1 Block.
  • TW-EX-4 : All allied units have significantly decreased ATK.
  • TW-EX-5 : Leithanien Psalmists have increased attack range and take control of Gramophones faster.
  • TW-EX-6 : Two Gramophones begin under the enemy’s control; Hexed Colossi and Mudrock Zealot Leaders have greatly increased HP.
  • TW-EX-7 : Allied units have greatly reduced DEF.
  • TW-EX-8 : Maximum squad size is reduced to 10 Operators.
Stage Sanity Rec. Lvl & Unlock Cond. First Time Drops Additional Drops Challenge Reward
TW-EX-1 10
Elite 1 Lv. 40
Clear TW-8
TW-EX-2 10
Elite 1 Lv. 50
Clear TW-EX-1
TW-EX-3 10
Elite 1 Lv. 70
Clear TW-EX-2
TW-EX-4 15
Elite 1 Lv. 70
Clear TW-EX-3
TW-EX-5 15
Elite 2 Lv. 10
Clear TW-EX-4
TW-EX-6 15
Elite 2 Lv. 20
Clear TW-EX-5
TW-EX-7 20
Elite 2 Lv. 25
Clear TW-EX-6
TW-EX-8 20
Elite 2 Lv. 30
Clear TW-EX-7

MO (Annihilation style) Operations

Stage Sanity Rec. Lvl & Unlock Cond. First Time Drops Additional Drops
TW-MO-1 25
Elite 2 Lv. 30
Clear TW-8
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