First Anniversary Celebration Part 2 - Bloodline of Combat - CN Event Page

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Period: 2020-05-08 ~ 2020-05-29

New Extreme difficulty Stage Ch 7 "Precipitous Battle"

Arknights CN Anniversary Extreme

Translation Credits: Nightsky#3319

Available after: 16:00, May 8th

Available to: All players who cleared Chapter 7

Collect [Guerilla Badge] to obtain limited rewards

Arknights CN Anniversary Bloodline of Combat

Event Description: During the event period, players can collect [Guerilla Badge] to get corresponding rewards

Event Period: 04:00, May 15th - 03:59, May 29th

[Guerilla Badge] are awarded through Daily Missions and Event Missions.  Details can be found here

Main Rewards:

  •  [Bloodline of Combat] - "Dreadnaught" - Beagle
  • Top Emergency Sanity Potion
  • Furniture Parts
  • LMD
  • Battle Records
  • Recruitment Permits
  • High tier mats, etc.


The Sanity Potions in this event will expired at 03:59, June 8th

Shop Details can be found here:

Headhunt Banner 【Joint Operation 2】

Arknights CN Banner Joint Operation

Event period: 16:00, May 15th - 03:59, May 29th

Event description: The following Operators will be the only units of their respective rarity featured in this banner:

Featured Operators:

Rarity Operator
6★ Rate Up Blaze - AoE Guard
Saria - Healing Defender
Mostima - AoE Caster
Hellagur - Enmity Guard
5★ Rate Up Nearl - Healing Defender
Firewatch - Long-Range Sniper
Greythroat - Anti-Air Sniper
Hung - Healing Defender
Executor - Boomstick (Close-Range AoE) Sniper
Glaucus - Slower Supporter
  • The listed operators will be the only units available for their respective rarity
  • Operator Feature Banners do not add Operators to the Distinction shop
Test out your luck for this banner on our:[Joint Operation 2] Summon Simulator!

Extra Drops Event

Arknights Anni Extra Drops

Event period: 16:00, May 15th - 03:59, May 29th

Event description: During the event, other than Annihilation stages, all stages will have a chance to drop the following:

  • Emergency Sanity Sample (Can use to recover 10 Sanity )
  • 32h Strategic Supplies (Can use to obtain a random material)


The Emergency Sanity Sample in this event will expire at 03:59, June 8th
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