Amiya Newsgirl Skin Event Walkthrough

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Article by Daniel O'Brien

A New Amiya Skin is Great NEWS!

Arknights Amiya Newsgirl Skin
Amiya Newsgirl

The Event to get the Newsgirl Amiya Skin is now live!  You can see it and other available skins in our Skin Gallery.  Total rewards for the event are as follows:

Acquiring these rewards requires completing missions that are very straight-foward.  To get all rewards the player must do the following before the Event end date of 2/05/2020:

  • Consume a total of 1,000 Sanity

  • Defeat a total of 2,000 enemies

  • Spend a total of 150,000 LMD

  • Have your Operators gain a total of 75,000 Experience

Achieving these milestones should require no more than playing the game in its normal course, so no special strategies should be needed.


  • The Tactical Drill Supplies quest for farming Battle Records (EXP) is available every day.

  • The Cargo Escort Supplies quest for farming LMD is only available on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

  • Annihilation is a great place to finish off the enemy kill count milestone if time is becoming an issue.

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