Arknights: [April Fools' Day!] 2021 Recap (EN and CN)

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April Fool!


The Arknights community was firing on all cylinders for April Fools' Day, with both EN and CN getting in on some Foolery!  Fooled or not, we hope you enjoyed the shenanigans as much as we did! In the sections below, we'll recap what went down!

Event Period

Period: 2021-04-01 ~ 2021-04-01

GP Arknights Wiki

Here at the GP Arknights Wiki, our authors had a ton of fun bringing [Kevin] to life with his own Operator Page!  Hopefully it will serve as a catalyst to bring him to the game for real.

We also teamed up with our GFL wiki friends to create a GFL x Arknights Collab that will almost certainly only ever happen in our dreams.  Event pages and Operator/Doll pages were created on both wikis, though I'm not sure if balance is our strong point...

The GFL event page can be found here, and for Arknights, here:

Who doesn't think that Thorns and SilverAsh would make amazing maid VTubers?  If you don't, then I hope you didn't see these pages (and you have a soul of stone)

To cap of the day, we had the heart-wrenching faux-nnouncement of the cancelation of the R6 collab for global.  Tempers flared and tears were shed as we were forced to come face-to-face with our fears.

Don't worry, though, it was fake, and I'm sure it will come to global.... right?  right?  RIGHT?!?!?! 

Arknights EN

For the Global game, players received [Conviction] in the mail, an Operator that CN received on April Fools last year.  [Conviction] is a meme Operator who's displayed skill modifiers don't match the implemented ones, and who's gender is, well, Conviction!!

Arknights CN

Arknights CN saw the introduction of the Boss: [Emperor]


Although he was not added to the Players roster, the [Emperor] did appear as a playable Operator in a mini-game that pits him against the Rat King's army.  The mode is pretty straightforward, with [Emperor]'s skill use changing the lanes that have fire, and the enemies rushing to their fiery doom.  Images below from this stream.


Also released was the OST [Loyal to the Beat], which can be enjoyed here.


For those that may have missed [Conviction] the previous year,  [Conviction] was once again available for collection, however, players that had already obtained Conviction were NOT able to increase Conviction's Potential.

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