Arknights [April Fools' Day!] Recap (EN and CN)

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April Fool!


The Arknights community was firing on all cylinders for April Fools' Day, with both EN and CN getting some awesome Foolery!  Fooled or not, we hope you enjoyed the shenanigans as much as we did! In the sections below, we'll recap what went down!

Event Period

Period: 2020-04-01 ~ 2020-04-01

GP Arknights Wiki

Arknights Reunion Banner

Here at the GP Arknights Wiki, our authors got into the spirit of the day by announcing a Reunion Operator Banner and creating Operator Pages for each one, complete with Skills and Talents.  We also published a few articles throughout the day to keep people guessing.

Here is the full list of our April Fools' Day Content:

[Dark Reunion Rising: Day of Reckoning] Summon Simulator!

Arknights EN

Arknights Global also got in on the action with a series of Tweets and in-game rewards.  Reunion successfully executed a takeover of the Rhodes Island communication network!

Then tried to bribe all the Doktahs with in-game rewards and empty promises!

Arknights April Fool Reunion Rewards

And tried to entice us to Headhunt Reunion Troops!

Rhodes Island, however, would not go down without a fight, and eventually regained control of communications.

As an apology for the rude interruption, (and probably for having a banner full of uglies instead of cute waifus), the Doktahs were all given a reward for their loyalty!

Arknights April Fool Reward

Arknights CN

Arknights CN took the April 1st Shenanigans to a whole other level, by releasing an actual meme Operator.  When CN players logged on, they found a new story event with a QR code that took them to the HG website, and they were rewarded with new Operator Conviction.

Conviction's Talent and Skills are as follows: (Translation Credit: Jetroyz of the RIHQ Discord)

  • Rarity/Class/Archetype: 4* ST Guard [Duelist]
  • Talent: Deploy cost -4, Redeploy time -15s, however stun self for 10 seconds upon deployment.
  • Skill 1: Increase the Attack power of the next attack to 200% (5% chance to change it to 800% (but actually 400%)). Can hold 3 charges. 4 SP / 0 Initial SP
  • Skill 2: Immediately deal 350% magic damage to all nearby enemies and silence them for 5 seconds. There is 50% chance of the skill failing, which causes all nearby allies to be stunned for 5 seconds instead. 12 SP / 5 Initial SP
  • Max Stats: 3555 HP/888 ATK
Arknights Conviction GIF S1
13k to the face. (Mephisto might have liked it)
Arknights S2 GIF
Friendly fire?!


Flying under the radar with the excitement of the new Operator was the following tease as well for [Heatpump]:

Arknights Heatpump Full InfoArknights Heatpump GIFArknights Heatpump GIF 2

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