Arknights CN: Anniversary Livestream Announcements: W as an Operator, Sparking System, Collab With Ubisoft, and More!

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Period: 2020-04-25 ~ 2020-04-25

Anniversary Livestream Announcements Summary:

Special Thanks and Translation Credits: Jetroyz, Nightsky, and Peacecow

UPDATE: The updates are now complete, and all of the major announcements from the Livestream should now be in along with images.  If I missed anything, please let me know.  Sorry it took so long, it was a lot of info!  Cheers!

Major Announcements Summary

  • W is the new Limited Operator
Arknights Art W
  • NO Kal'tsit!
  • Collab with Ubisoft (no further details)
  • Pity System (after 300 pulls you are guaranteed the Operator)
  • New Chapter 7: [The Birth of Tragedy] with Patriot as final boss.
  • Past Story elements available for replay
  • First event rerun: Obsidian Festival (Not Grani)
  • Tons of new Skins (Amiya, Ange, Saria, Lappland, Executor, Greythroat, Midnight, and Beagle)
  • Outside of W, 11 New Operators announced: 2 with W on her banner, 1 robot, 2 Units to come with Summer, 6 other new units teased.
  • New Operators added to Recruitment: Ch'en, Swire, Greyy, Popukar,Spot, THRM-EX (new robot)
  • New playable dungeon crawler-type mode, Operators chosen randomly.
  • Next CC Event coming in June
  • W gets a Dorm!

Other Announcements Summary

  • Anniversary Packs available for sale
  • External Collabs (In China only)
  • New Merchandise, including plushies and Nendroids
  • New CN Summer Event will feature Gavial
  • An exclusive song for Arknights by Starset
  • Daily free pull for 2 weeks
  • Free 10 pull.

Arknights Videos From Livestream

Fun Facts

  • Total number of Slugs Killed since launch:
Arknights CN Anni Slugs Killed
  • Usage popularity for 3★ and 4★s:
Arknights Most Used Low Stars
No surprises here!
  • Most-recruited Operators
Arknights CN Anni Most Recruited Operator
So many Melanthas, and still no Indra...

1. Melantha

2. Beagle

3. Orchid

4. Lava

5. Gravel

6. Hibiscus

7. Plume

8. Ansel

9. Kroos

10. Adnachiel

  • Most common Operators assigned to the Base:
Arknights CN Base Operators

1. Jessica

2. Haze

3. Fang

4. Vanilla

5. Vigna

6. Shirayuki

7. Cuora

8. Kroos

9. Meteor

10. Amiya

  • Total number of Gold Bars traded, and the equivalent value in LMD
Gold Bar Production
Might be enough to get Schwarz
  • Number of Doctors who E2’d Amiya: 587,991
Arknights CN Amiya E2
So Worth!
  • Number of Doctors that also max leveled their E2 Amiya: 11,455
Arknights E2 Max Lvl Amiya
  • Most common 5★ Operators to E2
Arknights CN Anni 5 Star E2
If Texas can't do it, nobody can.

1. Texas

2. Ptilopsis

3. Lappland

4. Blue Poison

5. Meteorite

6. Amiya

7. Zima

8. Skyfire

9. Platinum

10. Specter

  • Most common 6Operators to E2
Arknights CN Top 6 Star
Who's Your Silverdaddy?

 1. Silverash

2. Exusiai

3. Eyjafjalla

4. Siege

5. Saria

6. Hoshiguma

7. Ifrit

8. Shining

9. Ch’en

10. Nightingale

  • Most often used Support Operators in the recent CC #0 Event
Arknights most Often Used Support Ops in CC 0
Waifu Protecc!

 1. Saria

2. Hoshiguma

3. Silverash

4. Blaze

5. FEater

6. Hellagur

7. Siege

8. Myrtle

9. Lappland

10. Nearl

  • Number of Doctors who reached rank SSS in the Permanent Stage of CC #0 (Risk Level 18)
Arknights CC0 Risk SSS
The Elite

Story Playback Feature

Arknights CN Anni Story Playback Feature
What did Skadi say again?

If you happened to miss a past story Event, or just wanted to relive those precious moments, you have probably been frustrated by the lack of a function to re-play past story events.  This problem will someday be gone, as they will be adding a story playback function.  I see this requested quite a bit, so it will be a welcome addition!

Chapter 7 - The Birth of Tragedy

Arknights CN Anni Chapter 7
Wait, who's Tragedy?

Chapter 7 is on it's way soon!  And with it arrives a new story Arc, new enemies, and a new final boss to oppose us!  The story will include Talulah, and will have Patriot as the final boss.

  • Patriot Info: He is defensive in nature, and will buff his allies. He has a form change, after which he becomes offensive.
  • Images of some of the new enemies:
Arknights Ch7 Enemy 1
I doubt the light on the shield helps him see where he is going
Arknights Ch7 Enemy 2
Cute nail polish
Arknights Ch7 Enemy 3
Bad hair day?

Anniversary Limited Banner Featuring W and New Spark/Pity System

Arknights Limited Banner Featuring W

Event Period: 16:00, May 1st - 03:59, May 15th 

Event Description: During the event period, the following operators will have increased rates in the event recruitment:

★★★★★★ W[Limited] \ Weedy (70% of 6★) 

★★★★★ Elysium (50% of 5★)


  • This event recruitment is a 【Limited Recruitment】
  • New operator [W] can only be obtained in this [Limited Recruitment], won't join any [Standard Recruitment] 
  • New operator [Weedy] and [Elysium] will join other [Standard Recruitment] after 04:00, May 14th 
  • For detailed description, please refer to related notices.

New Spark/Pity System

A new pity system will be added to the Limited Banners.  Here are the details:

  • Every pull on the limited banner will award 1 [Recruitment Data Contract].
  • 300 [Recruitment Data Contracts] can be exchanged for 1 rate-up operator (did not specify if it was selectable or if it only rewarded W).
  • [Recruitment Data Contracts] will be converted into [Recruitment Data Models] at 1:6 ratio after the banner ends, which can be exchanged for materials in the shop (no details yet on the shop, Contract do not carry over to next banner).

For those that pulled on Nian's banner, some of this will be applied retroactively:

  • After May 1, all players will be given [Recruitment Data Models] based on the number of pulls they did during Nian’s banner (1:6 ratio).
  • When Nian banner is rerun, players will be given [Recruitment Data Contracts] equal to the number of pulls they did during the original banner, which can be used for the rerun banner.

W Art, Trait, Talent, and Skills

Arknights Art W SplashArknights Art W FullArknights Art W Sprite

Class: Sniper

Archetype: AoE Sniper

Trait:  Attacks deal AOE physical damage

Talent 1: After staying on the battlefield for several seconds, obtain a certain amount of Physical and Arts Dodge, and become less likely to be targeted by enemies

Talent 2: Stunned enemies within attack range take increased physical damage

Skill 1: Immediately fire a grenade, dealing physical damage and stunning the targets for several seconds.

Skill 2:  The next attack changes to planting a landmine on an open grid within attack range (has a long duration); The landmine will explode when enemies pass over it, dealing physical damage to all nearby enemies and stunning them for several seconds

Skill 3:  Place a bomb on several enemies with the highest HP within attack range; The bombs will explode after a certain duration, each dealing physical damage to all nearby enemies and stunning them for several seconds.

Weedy Art, Trait, Talent And Skills

Arknights WeedyArknights Art Weedy Full InfoArknights Weedy Sprite

Class: Specialist

Archetype: Pusher

Trait: Attacks enemies equal to block count; Can be placed on ranged grids

Talent 1: Can place a water cannon that lasts for a certain duration; The water cannon attacks a single enemy and pushes them away

Talent 2: Increase the water cannon's push force by 1 level. If the water cannon is placed adjacent to Weedy, recover additional SP to Weedy at regular intervals.

Skill 1: The next attack pushes the targets away, dealing physical damage and stunning them for several seconds

Skill 2: Increase Attack interval (slower attack speed) and increase ATK. Normal attacks change to long range AOE attacks which push enemies away. Infinite duration.

Skill 3: Immediately fire a shot of compressed LN2, dealing AOE Arts damage and pushing enemies away. Enemies hit will receive true damage proportional to distance moved over several seconds. If the water cannon is adjacent to Weedy, it will also fire the same shot.

Elysium Art

Arknights Art Elysium

New Operators Added to Recruit

Arknights New Recruitment Operators

Date: 16:00, May 1st Update

Description: After update, the following Operators will be added permanently to [Recruitment]:

★★★★★★ Ch'en
★★★★★ Swire
★★★★ Greyy
★★★ Popukar
★★★ Spots

NOTE: THRM-EX is a new Robot Operator:

Arknights ThermalEX Art

6 More New Operators!

Arknights 6 New Ops

6 More new Operators were shown at the end of the Livestream, but no additional information was given.

Savage Returns!

Arknights CN Savage Returns

Event period: 16:00, May 1st - 16:00, May 31st

Eligibility: All player registered before 16:00, May 1st (including guest)

Event Description: A mail including 5★ operator [Savage] *1 will be sent when the event begin.


Players who already [Savage] will get [Savage] Token *1 instead.

New Skins

Some amazing new skins will be coming as well!


Art Skin Saria Anni


Arknights Skin Angelina Anni


Arknights Skin Lappland Anni


Arknights Skin Greythroat Anni


Arknights Skin Executor Anni


Arknights Skin Midnight Anni


Arknights Skin Beagle Anni

Free Amiya Skin

Arknights Skin Amiya Anni

W Furniture Theme

Arknights W Furniture ThemeArknights Furniture Theme

And W gets her furniture Theme!  Time to put her and Flamebringer in the dorm and wait for the magic to happen.

New Game Mode

Arknights new Game Mode

There will be a new game mode introduced that has been described as a dungeon crawler, or rogue-like.  Random gacha Operators will be assigned and must be used to complete your missions.  Not much information is available yet on exactly what this might look like or when it will be live.

Arknights New Game Mode Random Operators
Finally a chance to use Magallan as if she were mine!

Ubisoft Collab

Arknights Ubi Soft Collab

A collaboration with Ubisoft was announced, but no details were given about what this might entail.

Next Summer Event and Ops

Upcoming Event Roadmap:

Arknights Upcoming Event Roadmap
Arknights Next Summer Event

The upcoming new summer event will feature a story about Gavial, and 2 new Operators shown in the image above.

Next Contingency Contract Event

Arknights Next CC Event

The next Contingency Contract event for CN will be arriving in June.

Store Updates And Anniversary Pack

Arknights Store Double Prime

Reset the Double Originite Prime Bonus in the Originite Prime Store

Date: 16:00, May 1st

Event description: This event will reset the Double Originite Prime Bonus for all price packages of Originite Prime.

Arknights Anniversary Pack

[Rhodes Island Anniversary Pack] 

Event Period: 16:00, May 1st - 03:59, May 29th

USD: 46.32


  • 90 Originite Prime
  • 1 10x Headhunting Permit
  • 200k LMD
  • 20 Strategic Battle Records
  • 20 Tactical Battle Records
  • 100 Frontline Battle Records
  • 20 Skill summary-3
  • 50 Skill Summary-2
  • 4 Chip Catalyst
  • 500 Furniture Parts
Anniversary Headhunting Pack

[Anniversary Invocation Pack] 

Event Period: 16:00, May 1st - 03:59, May 29th

USD: 27.96


[Top Operator Invocation Permit]: Can choose a 6★ Operator from the following list:

  • Ch'en
  • Blaze
  • Exusiai
  • Siege
  • Ifrit
  • Hoshiguma
  • Shinning
  • Silverash
  • Nightingale
  • Ejyafjalla
  • Hellagur
  • Saria
  • Mostima
  • Magallan
  • Skadi
  • Angelina
  • Schwarz

OST/Art Book/Merchandise

  • Starset is writing an exclusive song for Arknights that will be released soon.
Arknights OST Anni

A new Arknights OST will be coming soon.

Arknights Art Book

An Artbook is in the works that includes interview records.  An exclusive Amiya skin will come with the purchase, the draft of which can be seen here:

Arknights Skin Amiya ArtbookArknights Plushies

Red, Siege, Specter, Lappland, and others will be recreated in plushie form!


Peguins Merchandise?  Tbh I have no idea what the hell this is.

Arknights Blaze Nendroid

A new Blaze Nendroid

Arknights Anni Nendroids

With more on their way

Arknights W Nendroid

Including a W Nendroid

Arknights Cute Things

And a bunch of other cute little... things.

External Collaborations

A few external collaborations were announced, though they appear to be pretty much China-only:

Arknights Lawson CollabArknights Tiramisu

Arknights desserts

Arknights Cafes

Arknights Cafes

What, no Arknights brand flamethrowers!?

Free Stuff!

Arknights Fee 10 Pull

Each CN Arknights player will get a free 10 pull.  I hope everyone gets W!

Arknights Free Daily Pulls

One free pull a day will be available to each player.  It cannot be saved, so don't forget to use it!

Here is the free stuff that was given away through the "Roulette" game that was played by the broadcasters during the Anniversary Stream:

Arknights Roulette Reward
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