Arknights CN: [Thank-You Celebration] Stream Recap! New Limited Operator, New Amiya, Ubisoft Collab, and More!

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Period: 2020-10-27 ~ 2020-10-27

Episode 8 [Roaring Flare]

Translation Credits and Special Thanks: Jetroyz of the RIHQ Discord, Nightsky#3319, Seletri#9273, Laulicon#6707, and pumpkin#5585.

Episode 8 [Roaring Flare]
Episode 8 PV

Available on: 16:00, Nov 1st.

Unlock condition: All players who have passed 7-20

Notes from stream:

  • The story content for Ch8 is almost twice as long as previous chapters.
  • Lots of new CG created for this chapter.
  • Some battles will be carried out in “flashback” form.
  • NPC protection missions?
  • The 2nd last image of PV is showing a crown, which is related to Amiya most likely (there was a crown which gave +150% true damage in roguelike, which was most used with Amiya).

New [Epoque Series] Skins Available


Event Period: 16:00, Nov. 1st - 03:59, Nov, 29th

Event Description: The following costumes will be available for sale for a limited time:

Epoque Series - Trance - W


Epoque Series - Willpower - Texas


Epoque Series - Ensign - Dobbermann


Epoque Series – Infiltration - Ethan

Ethan Skin will be availalbe free to all players through a sign-in event (details later)


New Furniture Theme


Event Period: 16:00, Nov. 1st - 03:59, Nov, 29th

Event Description: The following furniture will be available for sale for a limited time:

  • [Yellowish Gaming Room] Series Furniture

Amiya Update


New system is exclusive to Amiya, which allows her to swap between Caster and Guard modes.  Amiya must be E2 to enter the promotion stage, and must be in the team when clearing.


  • Levels, skill levels, base skill, potentials are shared between modes
  • Skill Masteries are not carried over.
  • The Caster Talent is not carried over.
  • Cannot switch modes while skills are undergoing Mastery training

Amiya (Guard)

Trait: Attacks deal melee Arts damage

Talent: When deployed, increase ATK and DEF of all Operators. When skill is activated, effect is doubled.

Skill: During skill activation, increase ATK and gain a certain amount of Arts Evade. Attacks deal 2 hits.

Skill: Immediately seek enemies with the lowest HP ahead and carry out multiple Arts slashes (the last hit has doubled damage and deals True damage). For every enemy killed during the skill, increase ATK and RES (has limit), and the damage type changes to True for the remainder of the skill. Can only use the skill once in the entire battle.


Future Lava


The Lava pictured above will appear in the future as a separate new operator, instead of enhancing the current Lava.

New Headhunt - [Limited Anniversary] Series: Forget Me Not


Event time: Nov 1st 16:00- Nov 15th 03:59

Event description: During Event [Limited Anniversary] Series: Forget Me Not Headhunting period, the following operators have rate up

★★★★★★: Rosmontis (Limited), Mudrock

★★★★★: Whisperain

★★★★: Jackie

Rosmontis (Limited Operator)

  • Rosmontis

6* Sniper [New Archetype]

Trait: Attacks deal physical splash damage twice to ground enemies in a small area (2nd hit is an aftershock with lowered ATK)

Talent 1: Attacks ignore a certain amount of the target’s DEF

Talent 2: After deployment, randomly select a deployed Caster operator and increase self and their ATK

Skill 1: The next attack deals an additional hit of Arts damage

Skill 2: During skill activation, increase attack interval, attack splash range and ATK. Additionally, every attack will have multiple additional aftershocks. Enemies hit by Rosmontis’ attacks or the aftershocks will have a chance to be stunned.

Skill 3: During skill activation, reduce attack interval, increase ATK and attack 2 enemies simultaneously, however, only target blocked enemies. Immediately after skill activation, deploy 2 shields that can reduce blocked enemies’ DEF on melee tiles (stun nearby enemies during shield deployment)



6* Defender [Enmity Defender]

Trait: Cannot be healed by allies

Talent 1: Periodically gain 1 Shield (can block 1 instance of damage, has stack limit). When a Shield is used, recover self HP.

Talent 2: Reduce damage taken from Sarkaz enemies

Skill 1: During skill activation, increase DEF

Skill 2: The next attack will recover a certain amount of HP and attack all nearby ground enemies, with a chance to Stun them.

Skill 3: After skill activation, enter a state of invulnerable + cannot take action for several seconds, and reduce nearby enemies’ Movement Speed during this state. After exiting this state, Stun all nearby enemies. For the remainder of the skill duration, increase ATK and DEF, reduce attack interval, and attack all blocked enemies.

Whisperain and Jackie



  • [Forget Me Not] is classified as [Limited Headhunting - Anniversary] headhunting type
  • [Limited Headhunting - Anniversary] headhunting type is classified as [Limited Headhunting]
  • New Operators Mudrock, Whisperain, Jack will be added to normal headhunting after Nov. 12th 04:00
  • New Operator Rosmontis is classified as [Limited Operator] in [Limited Headhunting - Anniversary], and will not be added to normal headhunting
  • After [Forget Me Not], Limited operator Rosmontis will NOT be added to limited headhuntings before Oct. 1st, 2021

Limited Banner Operator Availability


There will be 2 categories of Limited banners

  • CNY banner (currently on the Nian banner)
  • Celebration banner (currently W plus the upcoming Rosmontis banner)

Each limited Operator will belong to one of these 2 groups, and will have their own exclusivity period wherein they will not be available during any other limited banners.  After the exclusivity period has ended, the Operator will become available on any limited banners of their Category.

  • For example, Rosmontis will not be added to any limited banners before 1 October 2021. Other celebration banners within that period will not have Rosmontis in the pool.  After Oct 1 2021, Rosmontis will join the 6* pool for any Limited Celebration Banners
  • Standard banners != Limited banners
    • Limited banners are strictly those banners with 2 6*s, one of which is an limited operator.

[Additional Description to the Limited Headhuntings]

[Limited Headhunting - Anniversary] details

  • [Limited Headhunting - Anniversary] is classified as [Limited headhunting]
  • Operators in [Limited Headhunting - Anniversary]: W, Rosmontis
  • The limited operator in [Limited Headhunting - Anniversary] will reappear in [Limited Headhunting - Anniversary] reruns
  • The limited operator might appear in other limited headhunting apart from [Limited Headhunting - Anniversary]
  • The limited operator in [Limited Headhunting - Anniversary] might appear in limited headhunting with up rate in the future

[Cremation, Last Wish] Limited Headhunting details

  • [Cremation, Last Wish] Headhunting is classified as [Limited headhunting]
  • [Limited Headhunting - Anniversary] is classified as [Limited headhunting]
  • Operator W in [Cremation, Last Wish] is the limited operator in [Limited Headhunting - Anniversary]
  • Limited Operator W will not appear in ANY limited headhunting before Apr. 1st, 2021

[Earthborn Metals] Limited Headhunting Details

  • [Earthborn Metals] is classified as [Limited Headhunting - Spring festival]
  • [Limited Headhunting - Spring festival] is classified as limited headhunting
  • Operator Nian appearing in [Earthborn Metals] is classified as Limited operator in [Limited Headhunting - Spring festival]
  • Limited Operator Nian will not appear in ANY limited headhunting before Jan. 1st, 2021

[Limited Headhunting] Details

  • [Limited Headhunting] pity rate does NOT carry over between [Limited Headhunting] banners
  • In all [Limited Headhunting] , every pull rewards you with a [Headhunting Contract], pulling 10 times will reward you with 10 [Headhunting Contract]s, [Headhunting Contract] can be used to exchange for operators of current [Limited Headhunting]
  • Any 6 star operator you get in [Limited Headhunting] resets your pity counter
  • In the current [Limited Headhunting], [Headhunting Contract] has an expiry date, when current [Limited Headhunting Contract Shop] is closed, all unused [Headhunting Contract] will be changed to [Headhunting Material Ticket], where every [Headhunting Contract] is exchanged for 6 [Headhunting Material Ticket]. [Headhunting Material Ticket] has no expiry date, and can be used in the [Headhunting Material Ticket Shop] whenever you like.

Special Login Event Free 10 Pull


Event period: 16:00, Nov 1st - 03:59, Nov 15th

Event description: Player can obtain [Limited Head Hunting ticket]x10 in event interface during the event.


  • [Limited Head Hunting ticket] can only be used in 10x headhunting in limited headhunt [Forget me not]
  • Each account can only obtain once in the event
  • [Limited Head Hunting ticket] will expire at 03:59, Nov 15th.

Daily Free Headhunt


Event Period: 16:00, Nov. 1st - 03:59, Nov. 15th

Event Description: During the event period, player can have a free headhunting in limited headhunt [Forget Me Not]


  • The free headhunting will refresh at 04:00 GMT+8
  • Any free headhunting that hasn't be used at 04:00 will be lost.  They cannot be accumulated.

[Thank-you Celebration] Giftbox Giveaway


Event period: 16:00, Nov. 1st - 03:59, Nov. 15th

Event description: During the event period, each day players will receive a mail with [Thank-you Celebration] Giftbox. The mail will be sent at 04:00 (16:00 on the first day), and will expire after 3 days.

  • Players will get 800 Orundum when opening the giftbox the first time
  • Players will get a random amount (200,300,500, or 800) Orundom on all subsequent openings.

New Annihilation Map and Update


Opening Period: 04:00, Nov 2nd, 2020 - 03:59, Jan. 4th, 2021

Unlock Condition: All players who cleared 2-8

  • New time-limited annihilation stage [Kawalerielki Outskirts], which rotates
  • New milestone goals which have one-time rewards (including weekly cap increase)
  • Can obtain medals.
  • After the map goes off rotation, it will be recorded into Hypothetical Combat Objectives.
    • Periodically, some of the objectives will be selected to generate a Simulated Annihilation, wherein players can obtain the corresponding medals and one-time rewards, however no Orundum will be given.

New Feature: Operator Record


[Operator Records] will be added that tell the backstories for Operators.  The initial batch will be done for 10 Operators, with Shirayuki being first, and will include combat stages.

Next Event Operators


Rhine Lab sidestory coming in late December and will take place in Columbia.


Ubisoft Collab


The basic gist will be that the R6S Operators got into an incident during a mission and got transported to the Arknights world of Terra.  If there are no issues, it will be released in the front half of 2021.  There will be a headhunt with 3 Operators, and 1 welfare


Limited Time Packs for [Thank-You Celebration]


Sales Period: 16:00, Nov. 1st - 03:59, Nov, 29th

Event Description: The following packages will be available for sale for a limited time:

[Duck Lord’s Purse]

45 CNY = 6.73 USD (at the time of this writing)

  • 13 Orignite Prime
  • 300,000 LMD

[Thank-you Celebration Preparation Package]

328 CNY = 49.05 USD (at the time of this writing)

  • 90 Originite Prime
  • 1 [10x Headhunting Permit]
  • 200,000 LMD
  • 30 Strategic Battle Records
  • 50 Tactical Battle Records
  • 30 Skill Book 3
  • 50 Skill Book 2
  • 4 Chip Catalyst
  • 500 Furniture Parts

[ Thank-you Celebration Headhunting Package]

198 CNY = 29.61 USD (at the time of this writing)

  • 1 [Thank-you Celebration Operator Permit]
  • 1 [10x Headhunting Permit]


[Thank-you Celebration Operator Permit] Can pick a 6★ operator from the following operator

New Operators Added To Recruitment


Arknights will add new operators in to Recruitment on Nov 1st. The new operators and the force refreshing notes is as follows:

New Operators in Public Recruitment:

★★★★★★ Schwarz

★★★★★★ Hellagur

★★★★★ Glaucus

★★★★★ Astesia

★★★★ Sussuro

★★★★ Myrtle


  • All recruit tags will be refreshed during the update.
  • No new tags will be added by the update.
  • To prevent unnecessary loss, please hire the recruited characters before update.
  • The new operators won't be picked by recruitments which begin before update.

Contingency Contract Season #3 [Operation Cinder]


Season Period: 16:00, Nov. 15th - 03:59, Nov. 29th

Unlock Condition: Clear Story 2-10

Description: During the season, players can battle in the seasonal stages with different combinations of 「Contracts」. Clear the challenge missions to collect 「Contract Bounty」 and 「Operation Protocol」.

  • 「Contract Bounties」 can be used to exchange rewards in "Secret Sanctuary".
  • 「Operation Protocols」 can be used to unlock more contracts.

New items in the permanent store:

  • Roaring Wind Series - Queen One - Bagpipe Costume
  • 6* Guard Tokens *4
  • [Coral Coast] Series - Beach Guard GT.001 - Matterhorn (rerun)
  • Season #3 Furniture - "Cinder" Flag

Items in the seasonal store:

  • High Tier Materials
  • LMD
  • Furniture Parts
  • Battle Records
  • Class Chips


  • The Season #3 store will be available from: 16:00, Nov. 15th - 03:59, Nov. 29th
  • Season #3 will remove 2 stages from the previous season and add 1 new permanent stage and 1 daily rotation stage, the permanent stage in previous season will add to daily rotation stages in this season

Next [Joint Operation] Banner


Event period: 16:00, Nov. 15th - 03:59, Nov. 29th

Event description: The following operators will be the only units of their respective rarity featured in this banner:

★★★★★★: Aak/Hoshiguma/Ceobe/Bagpipe

★★★★★: Broca/Asbestos/Blue Poison/Warfarin/Istina/Astesia

Note: This event recruitment is a [Standard Recruitment]

New Extreme Modes


Available after: 16:00, Nov. 8th

Available to: All players who cleared Episode 8

Limited Time Sign-in Event


Event period: 16:00, Nov 1st - 03:59 Nov 15th

Event description: During the event, accumulate 10 days of login to obtain the following rewards:

Day 1: Furniture [New Amusement Device]

Day 2: 1 Originite Prime

Day 3: 4 Crystal Component

Day 4: 20 Tactical Battle Records

Day 5: 20 Skill book 2 

Day 6: 200 Furniture Parts

Day 7: 1 Originite Prime

Day 8: 30k LMD 

Day 9: Epoque Series – Infiltration - Ethan

Day 10: 1 Chip Catalyst

Arknights Live Concert


There will be a live Arknights concert scheduled for 2021.  PV video here:

AK Maps and Lore

The following are images and maps of the Arknights World of Terra.  


The known civilizations of Terra

Either preserved its origins during evolution

Or merged after they collide

And in the end honestly they kept the images left to them by the mountains and rivers



Ursus' boundless soil gave its local residents capital for their confidence

Despite most of it being undeveloped

But the Ursus are prideful of their nation's strength

Because of their radicalism and confidence

Small conflicts between Ursus and neighbouring countries always occurred



One of Yen's critical economic centre


Skyscrapers like trees in a forest

Roads like a spider's web

Under Wei Yenwu's plan

Lungmen's development is faster than imaginable

This diverse and united city

Most people know about it

But no one dares to say they understand it



Rigorous, romantic

This is Leithanien

Leithanien's rich and open academia

Welcomes all kinds of daydreams that awaits investigation

Research born from ancient fantasies

Pushes Leithanien's constant growth



Where the sand sea meets the oasis

Is where Sargon's territory lies

Apart from the few normadic cities

More Sargonians live in the harsh wilderness and forests

They rarely communicate with the outside world

The closed off life allowed the martial, tribal traditions

To survive to this day



The seaside vacation city Siesta

Backed against a burning volcano, facing the cool seawater

To the locals

Nothing is better than a walk along the white beach during holidays

Apart from the Obsidian Festival





The occasional happiness

In the end they are only byproducts in the long history of Terra

But Terra will still silently observe

The people and things that are born in it


The video clip of this section can be seen here.

CN Server Gifts

Free for all CN players:

pasted image 0

Gift Code:


For BiliBili go to log in and enter = "GWSIX6JJA25P4QEK"

New Merchandise

Debit Cards




I.T Underground Keith



Themed Cafe




New Plushies


New Amiya Figurine


Preorders begin 11/11.

Official OST


Through Episode 6

Official Artbook


Stream VoDs

Here is the link to the VoD Stream on Billibilli.

Here is a YT video of the stream with timestamps to some events.

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