Arknights EN: Episode 5 Part 2 Event Details Have Arrived!

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Event Period

Period: 2020-03-04 ~ 2020-03-19

Global Episode 5 Part 2 Event Details Have Arrived!

The details for the Episode 5 Part 2 Event have been announced in the in-game news, and they confirm the details and dates announced in JP and KR news as previously reported reported here:

Conspicuously missing, however, is details on the upcoming Headhunting banners.  Speculation is that Global will get the same Banners as has been announced for KR, as this has always been the case in the past.  As we all know, however, that does not 100% guarantee the future, so there is always a chance Global could get different banners than KR.  You can check out the following article for information on the announced banners for KR:

Here are the Episode 5 Part 2 Events as described in the in-game announcements.

7 Day Sign-In Event rewarding Myrrh Skin - Bitter Herbs

Arknights SignIn Myrrh

Dates: 03/05/2020 04:00 (UTC-7) - 03/19/2020 03:59 (UTC-7)

to get the following rewards:

Arknights Myrrh Skin Sign In bonus

For more details and Art, see our page for the Myrrh Skin - Bitter Herbs.

For more Skin Art goodies, check out or Skin List and Skin Gallery:

New Episode 5 Challenge Modes

Arknights Ep5 Challenge

Release Date: 03/04/2020 16:00(UTC-7)

Duration: Permanent

Unlock Requirements: Clear Episode 5

New Challenge Modes H5-1 and H5-2 will be available for players who have cleared Episode 5.

Annihilation 3 - Lungmen: Downtown

Arknights Anni 3

Release Date: 03/09/2020, 04:00 (UTC-7)

Duration: Permanent

Annihilation 3 Lungmen:Downtown will launch, and when cleared will increase the Weekly Orundum Cap from 1600 to 1700.  No unlock conditions have been listed explicitly. For CN, unlock condition was Annihilation 2 clear (thought not a perfect clear).

Supplies & Chips Full Week Access

Arknights Supplies

Dates: 03/09/20, 0:400(UTC-7) - 03/16/2020(UTC-7)

All Supplies and Chips will be open the entire time.  Full-throttle FARM!

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