Arknights: [Under Tides] JP Livestream Summary!

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Period: 2021-10-15 ~ 2021-10-15

[Under Tides] JP Livestream Summary!

The major announcement from the Livestream was that [Under Tides] will be the next event, with Limited Operator Skadi the Corrupting Heart, and Kal'tsit, coming on October 21st.  Details for the CN event can already be found on the [Under Tides] CN event page and the CN Livestream summary , so I will only list here information that is different or extra from what is already on those pages.

CC#4 [Lead Seal] Statistics

Player Percentage achieving stated Risk Levels

Most used 4 Stars

Most Used 5 Stars

Most Used 6 stars

Most used overall

Pack Differences

The following packs were available for the CN event, but were NOT mentioned during the JP Livestream:

[Duck Lord’s Purse]

Sales Period: 16:00, May 1st – 03:59, May 29th

Price: 45 CNY (6.93 USD at time of writing)

Package Content:

  • 13 Originite Prime
  • 300,000 LMD

[Elite Operator Training Package]

Sales Period: 16:00, May 1st – 03:59, May 29th

Price: 128 CNY (19.71 USD at time of writing)

Package Content:

  • 37 Originite Prime
  • 1 [Elite Operator Special Training Invitation] - can promote a 5* operator to E2 lv.1 that has not already been promoted to E2. Will not return any materials you have used on the Operator to that point.

Free items!

Free Items in your inbox!

Next Standard Pool Banner

Aak and Reed in the shop

No Savage or 5 Star Tickets, and other omissions

Here are some things that were given as part of the CN event but were NOT mentioned in the JP livestream:

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