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Period: 2021-12-24 ~ 2022-01-15

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New Year Log-in Event


Event Period: 04:00, Dec. 24th, 2021 – 03:59, Jan. 7th, 2022

Event Description: Event Description: Players can accumulate 10 days of login to obtain rewards

Day 1 3
Day 2 30000
Day 3 200 15
Day 4 1 15
Day 5 200 15
Day 6 1 5
Day 7 1 30000
Day 8 15 1
Day 9 10
Day 10 1 100

Limited Headhunting - [New Year Celebration · Lookback]

 Limited Headhunting - [New Year Celebration · Lookback]

Event Period: 04:00, Jan. 1st, 2022 – 03:59, Jan. 15th, 2022

Event Description: Limited Headhunting [New Year Celebration · Lookback] will be available during the event period, the first (and only the first) 6* operator in this headhunting is guaranteed to be one of the following operators that the player does not currently have (includes non-limited Operators released up to the Mansfield Break event):

Ch'en, Blaze, Exusiai, Siege, Ifrit, Hoshiguma, Shinning, Silverash, Nightingale,Ejyafjalla, Hellagur, Saria, Mostima, Bagpipe, Magallan, Phantom. Skadi, Angelina, Schwarz, Ceobe, Weedy, Rosa, Suzuran, Thorns, Eunectes, Surtr, Blemishine, Mudrock, Mountain
[New Year Celebration · Lookback] Summon Simulator


  • Headhunting [New Year Celebration · Lookback] is a [New Year Celebration] series headhunting.
  • If you have obtained all of the listed operators, the first 6* operator will be one of the listed operators.
  • The pity for the [New Year Celebration] Headhunting won’t be shared between any other [New Year Celebration] Headhunting nor any other Headhunting.

New Year Packs


Event Period: 04:00, Jan. 1st, 2022 – 03:59, Jan. 15th, 2022

Event Description: The following packs will be on sale in event period:

[Rhodes Island New Year Pack]

(image above)

Price: 198 CNY


  • 51 Originite Prime
  • 1 10x HH Ticket
  • 1000 Furniture Parts
  • 2100 Orundum

[Rhodes Island New Year Headhunting Pack]


Price: 168 CNY


Players choose one of the following:

  • α Type Headhunting Ticket (Surtr / Archetto / Aak)
  • β Type Headhunting Ticket (Mudrock / Eunectes / Ceobe)
  • γ Type Headhunting Ticket (Kal’tsit / Blemishine / Mizuki)

After purchasing, players can use the ticket to carry out [New Year Special 10x Recruitment], and one of the 6*s listed will be guaranteed to be recruited.

[New Year Special 10x Headhunting] Description

  • Only 1 option can be selected when purchasing the pack. Limited to 1 purchase, selected ticket cannot be changed after purchase.
  • This recruitment is not a [Standard Recruitment] and will not affect/be affected by the 6* pity count.
  • At least one 6* is guaranteed in the 10-pull, and this guaranteed 6* will depend on the type of ticket purchased (see above)
  • New Year Special 10x Recruitment Ticket will expire on 19 February 2022 03:59.
  • New Year Special 10x Recruitment Ticket can only be used once.
  • If the ticket is kept unused past the expiry date, it will automatically be destroyed.
  • Other than the guaranteed 6* operator, the rates for the other rolls are as follows:
    • ★★★★★★:2%
    • ★★★★★:8%
    • ★★★★:50%
    • ★★★:40%

Event Art

Event Art
New Year Art
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