Arknights: Guide to CB-EX5 Normal Mode For Event Mission

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CB-EX5 Normal And Challenge Mode

This guide will step through a strategy for clearing CB-EX5 that will also achieve the Event Mission.  It is not for Challenge Mode.  

If you are looking for other Event information or Operation clear guides, see the following:

Map Information and Strategy

Stage Sanity Rec. Lvl & Unlock Cond. First Time Drops Additional Drops Challenge Reward
CB-EX5 20
Elite 2 Lv. 10

Event Mission: The Apple Pie Dilemma - Clear CB-EX5 with 3 stars without having upgrading any Control Terminals

  • What this means is that our Deployment is limited to 5 Operators.
  • The main challenge for this map is how to place blockades so that the Desperate Fanatics don't path next to a Command Terminal and destroy it.  We will present block placements below.
  • The other challenge is the Bulldozer at the end of the stage, which requires block 3, and comes at the same time as a lot of other enemies.  We will handle him with slowing and kiting until he can be blocked.
  • Most enemies are low RES and high DEF, outside of the Casters, so Arts Damage Operators will be more effective.

Recommended Team Composition

  • 1 Skill-DP-Recovery Vanguard, V1
  • 3 or 4 Casters, C1 - C4, Eyja and AoE Casters are preferable, but we may need to deploy an ST Caster early to help our Vanguard depending on our Operators.
  • 1 ST Medic, M1
  • 1 Control Specialist, Sp1
  • For flex I'd recommend backup Casters.  Can bring Lancet-2 or whatever else you want.

Here is an example of the team I used:



Unit placement can be seen in the image below, and deployment order should be done exactly as presented.  Each Operator can be placed as soon as there is sufficient DP.

Deployment Order: 

  1. V1: Siege - Skill-DP-Recovery Vanguard
  2. C1: Eyjafjalla - ST Caster (but with an AoE damage)
  3. First block at H6
  4. Sp1: Manticore - Control Specialist
  5. M1: Shining - ST Medic (can be deployed earlier if needed)
  6. C2: Skyfire - AoE Caster (If this Operator is dying, then it can be placed away from the Fanatics and if necessary, retreated and a different Operator placed somewhere else.  For example, F7 for wave 1,  D5 or D7 for wave 2, and F7 or G5 for wave 3)

Deployment should look something like this, with the first major enemy wave path shown with the red line:

Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 4.15.26 PM

After the first wave has been defeated:

  • Place a block at E9
  • Remove the block at H6
  • Place a block at B6
  • Retreat our V1 and replace with D1: Liskarm - Normal Defender

Wave 2 will path like this:

Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 4.32.01 PM

After the Second Wave is cleared:

  • Remove Block B6
  • Place a Block at H6
  • Place a Block at D2
  • Retreat C2 and deploy C3: Ifrit or AoE Caster

The last Wave comes at us from both sides.  It will look like this:

Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 4.33.23 PM

The last thing we have to do is buy our team enough time to take out the Bulldozer.  To do this we will do some block juggling.  After the Dozer has passed through the center, remove block H6.  Before he gets to F2, place a Block on it, and he will turn around and pass again through your center.  

Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 4.34.31 PM

After he passes the center, remove block F2, and place one on H6 before he gets there (If you need more time, you can probably also remove E9 and place a block on F6 to give him a longer kiting route).  Repeat the process until your Defender is able to block him.

Enjoy the Chip Catalyst!

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