Arknights: General Information/Wiki & Useful Resources

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In case you landed on this page for Arknights and were looking for some help with the game, below you will find a list of useful Arknights resources and guides!

General information and guides

  • General information and guides
    • This spreadsheet contains useful translations of several submenus in the game, useful tables, as well as the daily/weekly tasks.
  • Aceship's Arknights Toolbox
    • This is a super useful database / toolbox that is at the moment more comprehensive than the wiki. The Arknights Discord community collaborates to put this toolbox together.
  • Arknights Wiki
    • Somewhat incomplete, Aceship's github has more comprehensive information

Character Information

  • Character Infrastructure Assignment Skills
    • This is for determining what special effects an Operator / Character has when stationed at a specific facility. Note that infrastructure is unlocked upon clearing Ch1-12 of the Main Story.
  • Open Recruitment Tags
    • When using the Open Recruitment option, specific tags can be selected to change what results are possible via Open Recruitment. Up to 5* Rarity characters can be recruited through Open Recruitment currently. This tool shows which characters are have each tag.
  • Level Up Calculator
    • Note if you leave the current resources you have blank, it will calculate the amount of Sanity (in-game Energy system) required to farm the resources needed. It should be noted that the farming stages aren't unlocked until progressing to a certain point of the main story (Clear Episode 0).

Item List & Calculator

  • Item List
    • Includes some drop location information!
    • By inputting a number in the "Need" box, you can also calculate the number of other materials required to create the desired material!

Enemy List

Translations for Main Quests & Side Stories