Setting up Arknights (CN) on Android outside of China

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One should use both a PC and their Phone at the same time for smoothest setup.

Step 1: Download the game

The latest version is the following link  (download will start immediately)

You can do one of the following.

  1. Download on PC, Move it to your Android Device, and run it to install via an APK Installer Application
  2. Straight up download the file on your phone, click and install.

To confirm that you did the right thing, make sure the application has the following Icon:

P.S. This game won’t show up in your game launcher folder, but show like a newest application installment.

Step 2: Registering an Account

You should be on a PC right now and visit the bilibili website .

Mail registration has been closed, one must use their phone number, dw it’s safe.

    At any point, if the website stops responding please refresh page, I had to type my info down 3 times before I could go through it…. That’s [Made in China] for you.

    1. Unique Name - A name that only you can use, duplicates not allowed
    2. Password - it must be a strong one and you MUST GET GREEN LIGHT

    My password included the following to achieve green light

    • Symbol
    • Capitalized Letters
    • Lower Case Letters
    • Numbers
    1. Country - Please use Google Translate English to Chinese and type your Country, and then click the dropdown menu above and find the same symbols, it’s a bit of detective work.  P.S. the moment you find it, try to memorize where in the bracket it is located, incase you need to refill information 3 times like I did.
    2. Phone Number - Type your Phone Number
    3. Spam  “Send Code Button” every 1min.  I received a text on my 2nd click.  P.S. You can’t send code if you don’t have a Green Light Password.
    4. Type Verification Code
    5. Agree to Terms
    6. You can now finalize your account
    7. The site will then lead to various other things but you can just close it now.

    Step 3: Login to the Game

    Now that you have your account, it’s time to boot the game, you will be granted the following widget/popup:

      In this case all you need to do is type the following

      • Phone Number, do not add country code
      • Your Green Light Password

      Step 4: Final Verification

      Advised to be on the Phone for this part.

      P.S. we will be creating a fake Chinese ID which means you can’t really spend money on this game. 

      You will now find the following screen:

      Click this link on your phone 

      Now here comes the part where you are recommended to be on the phone.

      You should Copy Paste a Name + Chinese ID Card Number from the above link. 

      The combination must match similarly to the provided website, hence why Copy Pasting is recommended.

      Amazing, if you followed all the provided steps, you can now access the game. Good Job! If you have questions feel free to join discord!

      Discord Server

      Use the  “Newbie-Support” Channel, and ask away, people here are helpful!

      For iOS Users

      It is possible to play the game on iOS with a guest account by following a different set of instructions, but a registered account isn't possible without a Chinese phone number on iOS. If you are alright with a guest account to simply have access to the game, the instructions can be found in the below link!

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