Module Data Block

Item Description

The data blocks record the endless nights the Engineering Department toiled away developing the various modules.

Item Usage

Used to unlock Operator modules.

Item Obtain Approach

Store, Mission Reward, Event Reward

Item Additional Detail

  • Costs 120 Shop Vouchers (Red certs)
  • needed to unlock Modules and are a limited resource, so players should be selective about which Modules they unlock.  6 Star Operator Modules require 4 Module Data Blocks to unlock, 5 star modules require 2, and 4 star require 1.  Sources for obtaining Module Data Blocks:
    • 4 free with the Module Training
    • 1 Free each week through weekly missions.
    • 4 per month from the red cert shop.
    • 4 per month from the yellow cert shop
    • 2 in the shop for each new sidestory-farm-event (not in reruns or the min-story events)
    • 1 in the shop for each new Contingency Contract Event
  • Module List
  • Module Priority Guide

Operations Item Drops From

First Time Drop

Stage Type Mission Sanity Drop Rate Sanity per Drop
Activity DV-S-2 0