Arknights Lore: Aegir and Abyssal Hunters

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Introduction to Aegir

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The name Aegir in the Arknights Universe is a place and a race. Seemingly the people who are from Aegir are those who are born and live within the sea waters. That said the name Aegir is based on Norse divine personification of the sea but that’s unrelated to the topic of Aegir. Aegir is known as a place that is under the waters, which can be inferred with a few voicelines who had lived in Aegir or knew Aegir. Seemingly, this can be an inference to the great city of Atlantis that had sunk due to a hubris. A hubris of wanting an utopia. Meaning that there are monsters within the land of Aegir that are born from the hubris.

“Down beneath the vast blue sea, below the white waves that lap endlessly at the earth, lies all that I once held dear. I fear that one day misfortune will once again take someone important to me. That is why I fled. I don't want anyone I care about... to suffer on my account.”
- Skadi’s voice line after Promotion 2
(also a reference to her skill name: Tidal Elegy, she is lamenting about the dead)

“My people originally had a completely different appearance. Our skin was as hard as a carapace, and our hair was as smooth as flowing water. However, the scorching sun and dry air have turned us into what we are today. You believed that? Sorry, I was just speaking gibberish just now.”
- Thorn’s Elite 1 Promotion Conversation voice line

Here explains the current situation of Aegir, which is noticeable with most of the operators who are Aegirs. With Thorns not willing to return Aegir and Weedy who cannot return to her home, they most likely had fled to certain places such as Iberia due to conflict that is ‘destroying’ their hometown.

Most Aegirs that had fled have a certain distaste to their homeland or what was once their homeland, as well they were impacted in such a way that causes fear within them. Other than Skadi, who fled due to harming others, Weedy has an issue with cleanliness. She doesn't like dirty things and will have certain reactions towards hygiene, which is related to Aegir’s (the place) relationship with Iberia as well.

Iberia is a place that is known to be ‘quite religious’ and has Laterano influences, including with the law with firearms such as guns. This is noted with Andreanna’s relationship with the court. It seems like those people who are from Aegir and those who are from Iberia have conflicting views. Noted from Thorns’ archives, Iberians’ treatment towards Aegirs is ‘unjust’ in a sense where the people of Iberia do not see those who are from Aegir equals.

The People of Aegir

Aegirs come onto the surface and wear a disguise to blend with the other races, however, their own race can figure out each other. This was seen with Thorns’ interaction with Aya (the vocalist of Alive Until Sunset) in the rerun event and Andreana’s voiceline in regards to Skadi and Specter. Thorns showed distaste towards Aya that she and her band were not even disguising themselves properly while Andreanna knew the moment when she saw Skadi and Specter that they were from the same group.

This also involves the fact that with Skadi's Waverider WR04 costume, she questions about how dressed up she is.

MARTHE [Coral Coast] Waverider Series WR04. This swimsuit tailor-made for Ægir beachgoers allows inhabitants of the sea to look dazzling on the sand. The hunters of the sea still do not understand why they need to don the strange attire of landlubbers.

“That Skadi and Specter, those friends from the same race, when I see those two, it’s almost as if… I don’t know exactly how to describe it, but it’s kind of like that love at first sight from those fairytales? No way, huh. If that was the case, maybe I should get dressed up” - Andreana’s conversation 2 voice line

Andreana notes that it was a “love at first sight” feeling for recognizing that Skadi and Specter were from the same group as her. Seemingly this could be true with the interaction that happened with Thorns and Aya since he knew that Aya was an Aegir. Towards the end of their conversation, in which spoilers, they both meet a sea monster that seemingly had bloodlust for their kind.. Why does this feel familiar? It’s because Skadi had mentioned this within her voice line about not fighting big tentacles that grab her friends is a good day. Though Specter is a mystery, she does have some relation of noting about fighting ‘big’ monsters within her voice lines as well. It seems that Aegir is swarmed by sea monsters that have taken over. Creatures that seem to be feasting on something. That said, during the epilogue or ‘bonus part’ within the Skadi and Grani event, Kal’tsit said something interesting. That only Skadi (or her kind) only can be affected by a specific originium type. That said, it is a likely possibility that only the Abyssal Hunters can fight those sea monsters without nearly dying.

Aegirs obviously do long for the ocean as Skadi has shown within the voice lines and eventually Thorns’ revelation in the story for HOSF rerun. For some Aegir is a place they want to return, while for some, Aegir is a place they want to destroy. The exchange between Thorns and Aya made it clear that those who came from or have origins from Aegir, their relationship with the sea is rather complicated. However, even if they have not seen the sea for some of them, they feel homesick. Thorns in one of his voicelines jokes about having a different appearance when they are in the waters, to assume that’s true, it makes sense with one of Andreana’s voice lines and the description of Skadi’s HOSF rerun skin as well. This is a way for Aegirs to assimilate into different cultures within the world of Terra because there seems to be a general consensus of discrimination towards Aegirs especially in regards to the War between Iberia and Aegir.

The way Oripathy affects Aegirs (including Abyssal Hunters)

That said there is a type of Originium that only affects those Aegirs, other races that are affected by it might not survive due to the fact their bodies aren’t built for being a host for this specific type or Originium or Oripathy. It could be the fact why the sea monsters are strong, is that they are affected with this type of originium. Why did the suggestion of another type of originium appear here, other than Kal’tsit’s conversation in the Grani Event. With the originium infected slugs and spiders, it is likely that there’s something more than an alpha and beta type. For example, glucose has an alpha and beta form. When those structures bind to their respective glucose molecules, they make different compounds such as starch being a monomer for an alpha glucose molecule. With that in mind, there is a possibility that Originium itself will and can make other types of themselves dependent on the compounds within their environment. This is greatly shown within Specter’s medical report.

“Imaging tests done on Specter showed a blurry outline around her internal organs, with visible abnormal dark spots. Unusually high concentrations of Originium particles were present in her circulatory system, indicating signs of Infection and confirming her as Infected at this stage.

[Cell-Originium Assimilation] 14%
While Specter showed no physical signs of Originium crystals, her nervous system has suffered a case of severe Infection, the cause behind which remains unknown.

[Blood Originium-Crystal Density] 0.31u/L
Still within manageable range. Even then, without knowing the specific cause for her Infection, test data cannot accurately reflect her condition and are of little use…”

Who are the Abyssal Hunters?


Seemingly they are a group of people consisting of the strongest, which includes Skadi, Specter and lastly with the new edition: Andreanna. Anderanna, although has a confirmed race, mentions that she knew that Skadi and Specter were her kind just from a glance. The logo depicts a 10-legged octopus or squid like-being pierced by a broken trident. That said Aegir is based on Norse mythology, which importantly the Kraken the sea monster is also from Norse mythology. This means that the Abyssal Hunters were born with the duty to protect the land of Aegir as well to fend them off from sea monsters that eventually would kill the masses within Aegir. With that, only those who are within the group are able to kill sea monsters without losing their life, hence this could suggest why Skadi fled her homeland. That if she stayed there, she would cause more harm than safety of her own people. This role of the Abyssal Hunters was mentioned during Dr. Kalt’sit and Alty exchange together.

In general, people would say that Skadi is a bit of an air head; Andreanna is a bit rebellious; Specter… is just Specter. Skadi is the one with the ‘most common sense’ of knowing how her group is being treated. When reading Skadi, Andreana and Specter’s archives, all three of them have things mentioned about how these ‘Abyssal Hunters’ cannot be trusted and rather they are creatures that will benefit only a certain party if they join to fight.

“You've read my file? Terrible, isn't it? Indeed, if you stay near me, the same misfortune will befall you, and that's trouble for me too.”

Skadi’s voice line in regards to her files, seemingly she is referencing her ‘name’ that she will cause harm and spread harm. It is also another thing to note that her archives almost mention ‘disassembling her weapon’, ‘experimentations needed for her physique’, almost as if Skadi isn’t a person or a normal operator.

“Could that be...? That woman, they call her Specter now, do they? Why is she dressed as a nun? Amnesia? That's awful... Doctor, you have to help her. She can't be allowed to forget her true function.”

Skadi’s voice line in regards to Specter. Seemingly Skadi is concerned for her.

“The medical department's in-depth examination revealed Oripathy to be the cause of Specter's deteriorating physical health.
Furthermore, Specter lacked both the necessary aptitude and knowledge to wield Originium powers. This is puzzling and greatly impacts her combat ability.
Despite her difficulties, Specter was still devastatingly powerful during her missions, to the point of unsettlement. She undoubtedly has incredible room for growth and improvement.
Even more important is her polarizing attitudes in combat and in her daily life.
She is demure and quiet in battle (other than a few occasional mumbles to herself), with a mindless tendency to follow orders to the end, completely unaware of potential danger and obstacles. Her inability to react has endangered her safety more than once.
It can be concluded that Specter is a vital part of the squad, but a commander must also adapt to her single-mindedness and plan accordingly.”

Specter’s archives. Skadi and Specter share this trait of not being cooperative due to how they ‘developed’ within their homeland. While for Andreana, there is a huge difference. Andreana exactly can play and work with a team as well unlike the other two who are part of the same group.

“[Classified Log]
It was clear that while the medical staff, including even Warfarin, were unfamiliar, Kal'tsit had a detailed knowledge of both Skadi and Specter. She seems equally familiar with Andreana. And just like the others, she has determined that her presence at Rhodes Island would not be adverse. Or at least that the benefits of them joining us would outweigh the potential harm. Otherwise, they would have been found inadmissible.
As for me, I don’t know what the story is. Haha, Kal'tsit actually said it would be okay to tell me, but I refused. Knowing too much can get you in trouble. I’ll leave this one to Kal'tsit.
What I took from her is that the difference between Andreana on one side and Specter and Skadi on the other is something like that between a drop of ink into clear water and a proper inkwell. The drop of ink is itself an infringement on the dignity of life, to the point that Kal'tsit expressed clear disdain for it: “There are those who have reached their hands into places they do not belong. Those for whom this stupidity is very much in character.”
——■ ■ ■”
- Andreana’s Archives 4

In general it could be seen that Skadi’s kind have probably saved those who were living on land away from the sea monsters. As Skadi 'jest’ within her voice line that her people for aeons protected the people of the land. This could relate to the fact the base of Rhodes Island is made out of whale bones. That said, there have been real life instances where whale bones are used to build houses. That said there is a relationship of dependency between creatures of the land and the creatures of the sea, especially with the Abyssal Hunters being the ‘giving’ one in the relationship. However it is clearly seen with how the medics react to beings such as the Abyssal Hunters. That these people are dangerous and cannot coexist with them. Rather, they are seen as creatures that are meant to be observed as well.

Other lore things

Abyssal Hunter minus Andreana’s skill names

Skadi and Specter’s skill names are related to their voice lines, especially Skadi’s third skill “Tidal Elegy” and Specter’s second skill “Fractured Body”.

Tidal Elegy - Elegy is a serious reflection or piece, usually use for lamenting the dead
“That is why I fled. I don't want anyone I care about... to suffer on my account.”

Fractured Body - Specter is often talking about cutting things up or ‘breaking things apart’
“Yes, some things were not supposed to be in one piece…”
She could be also talking about how her mind is fractured.

Name etymology
Name/Codename of the operator Meaning
Skadi Based on Norse mythology, Skadi is the goddess of the hunt. However, her name means ‘harm’ as well.
Andreana Based on Sepia Andreana, meaning Andreana cuttlefish.
Specter Based on a creature that has a dark omnipresent. Usually it lurks within the dark.
Weedy Based on the name “weedy seadragon”
Thorns Based on his ‘inspiration’ animal, sea urchin has ‘‘thorns’

Do look forward to an upcoming etymology article with more operators!

Iberia and the relation to certain operators
Iberia could be based on Spain there for there was a period of the Inquisition where the church had the most power. In those places there were witch hunts for those who defy the church. Seemingly Andreana and Weedy are affected by this, with Andreana using and modifying ‘holy weapons’ and Weedy being born within a family of scientists that specializes in bioengineering. Those ‘ideals’ do go against the ‘court’ and the culture within the country. With Thorns as well, his ‘swordplay’ is often mocked by those who are born from Iberia even though they were both taught the same things. This could be a ‘xenophobia’ issue or just because of nationalism.

For more information, Lauli has also written a thing on Reddit about Iberia.

Aegir and Norse Mythology
Seemingly, Aegir is based on the divine personification of the sea in Norse Mythology. That said, the sea within Norse Mythology is a different kind of sea to what normally people would refer to as the sea. Aegir is actually a giant in the depictions as well, however he has a wife called Ran who is a sea goddess. Aegir is the more gentle depiction of the sea while his wife, Ran is more of the sinister depiction of the sea. How strange that Aegir is infested with sea monsters yet it is the name of the gentle sea giant. Even more strange is that his wife's name is literally translated to ‘robber’.

They had nine daughters that represent the waves of the sea, which does appear within Skadi’s voice line (well the description of the wave). White waves which can be seen as a reference to foam.

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