Arknights Lore: 1 Million Words And Counting!

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Article by harezora

Total Lore Word Count

The above infographic shows the number of words of story/lore that were present in each of the Events/Episodes.  Note that these numbers are of Chinese words, as they are of the CN events.  Adding all of these numbers up gives a total of 915k words. If we include other material such as Operator Archives, we easily have more than a million words of lore over the past 1.5 years.

How many is a million words? To give some perspective, the entire Harry Potter series is 1,084,170 English words. That's quite a feat, considering that this is only 1.5 years into Arknights. Amazing!   This means there's so much lore here to analyze, and I look forward to bringing more lore articles here when I'm not working or translating things. 

So I end this with lovemail to everyone who made the consumption of this million words possible worldwide:
Thank you Hypergryph staff for this story.
Thank you Yostar for translating and localising so that this story can be known worldwide. 
Thank you fan translators for allowing worldwide players to bridge the language gap of the latest CN plot. 

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