'Aegean's Kiss'

Lvl: 40
Trust: 100 (10,070 Points)
Availability: na
Equip Trait
Restores the HP of 4 allied units simultaneously
Equip Attribute Bonuses
Stat Value
max_hp 55
atk 25
Unlock Information
Complete a total of 5 battles; In each battle, a non-Support Perfumer must be deployed once at least
Clear Main Theme 3-4 with a 3-star rating; only a non-Support Perfumer is allowed as the only Medic Operator
Additional Information


Module Description

Let the aroma linger in your nose for a spell––
Slowly exhale––
How was that, Doctor? This perfume's pretty nice, right?
Hm, my secret? What secret?
All the ingredients are all-natural. You just have to put a liiit-tle extra work into it.
You still want to know more?
My, oh my, you're not planning on just copying the recipe, are you?
Hehe~ Well, it doesn't matter if I write the recipe down for you anyway. This can only be made with local materials from Minos.
Not a single ingredient can be substituted.
It's like–– all my personal memories from Minos distilled.
The nights in the Aegean Plain, the peacefully grazing fowlbeasts, the moon settling into the bottom of the lake, springtime in boronia's blossom––
I can see it.
I can feel it.
There's nothing quite like it.
Alas–– 'nothing quite like it' isn't quite right. After all, everyone can enjoy this aroma.
Ahh, just treat this as using your nose to alleviate a little bit of my homesickness~
Now, tell me, Doctor.
What can you smell,
from this 'Aegean's Kiss'~~