Blade of Blazing Sun

Lvl: 60
Trust: 100 (10,070 Points)
Availability: na
Equip Trait
Increases ATK to 115% when attacking blocked enemies
Equip Attribute Bonuses
Stat Value
max_hp 330
atk 105
Talent Information
Attacks ignore 28% DEF
Attacks ignore 31% (+3%) DEF
Unlock Information
Defeat a total of 100 enemies with Nearl the Radiant Knight (excluding Support Units)
Clear Side Story MN-8 with a 3-star rating; You must deploy your own Nearl the Radiant Knight, and have Nearl the Radiant Knight defeat at least 1 Corrupted Knight or Withered Knight


Module Description

Margaret, clad in a full suit of armor, clutches a wooden swordstaff in hand, focusing her attention on confronting the man in front of her.
The wooden sword swaying gently in his hands reveals no hostility at all, but Margaret knows that if she lets her guard down even for a second, that sword would bypass her swordstaff and lightly tap her on the head.
Using the range advantage of her swordstaff, Margaret repeatedly probes her opponent. As usual, her opponent momentarily leaves an opening for her, and she seizes the opportunity and thrusts forward with her swordstaff.
'Well done, Margaret.' Schnitz Nearl falls to the ground, pretending to be helpless, lying there as he smiles and shows his daughter a thumbs-up.
Since she began her combat training, Margaret has rarely landed a blow on the man.
But this time...
'Did, did I do it right?'
'You did. You did a great job, Margaret.'
'Do you think you can help me up now?'
'S-Sure. I'm sorry, Father.' Margaret hurriedly sets down her swordstaff and grabs her father's hand with both of hers, using all her strength to pull him off the ground.
'A good showing, young foal. Now even your father is no match for you.'
Margaret's mother, Yolanta, appears at the training area's entrance carrying Maria, who is still a baby, in a swaddle blanket.
'Haha, you should've seen how much momentum she had behind that last thrust.'

'Mother, what brings you here?'
It is late at night, but Margaret sees that her mother is neatly-dressed and carrying a suitcase, as if getting ready to go out.
'It's almost time, Schnitz. Put yourself together.'
'Alright, give me five minutes.'
The father takes off his training pads, revealing the suit of armor underneath.
'Mother, Father, where are you going?'
'I'm sorry, my child, but we can't tell you.'
'Just imagine we're heading up north to buy you some souvenirs.'
'A-Are you going to be gone for a long time?'
'Yes...' Margaret's father is deep in thought for a moment. 'It might take a bit of time.'
'So, can we ask you for a little favor, Margaret?'
'I'm listening, Mother. I promise I'll do whatever I can!'
'First of all...' the mother squats down and hands the sleeping Maria to the young girl. 'I'll need you to take care of your little sister and your grandpa.'
Though Maria was not heavy at the time, when Margaret held her, she gripped her carefully for fear that her sister would fall from her arms.
'If you have any questions about combat techniques, you can ask your uncle. He has much more experience than your father does.'
'Yes, Father...'
'Is there anything else you want to say?'
'That's about it.'
Knock, knock, knock––
Someone is at the door.
She feels each knock pounding at her heart, striking her with fear.
Her parents are about to leave.
Her father readies his swordstaff, and her mother readies her bow. Margaret follows them to the door.
When it opens, two campaign knights in silver armor stand before them.
To Margaret, they look like a pair of man-eating monsters.
'Lord Schnitz, Lady Yolanta, we have instructions to escort you out of the Grand Knight Territory.
The parents agree in hushed voices, then turn back to Margaret.
Schnitz hugs Margaret and Maria tightly.
Yolanta leaves a heavy kiss on their cheeks.
Margaret stands in the doorway, watching her parents' figures grow fainter and fainter.
The whole time, she expected her parents to suddenly turn back to tell her it was all a prank.
She expected her uncle, who had watched her parents depart from outside the door, would go bring them back to the warmth of their family.
She even expected her sickly grandfather upstairs to rush down and drive away the troublemaking campaign knights.
But her expectations were dashed.
Her pride and her sunlight slowly disappeared to the edge of the Grand Knight Territory, never to be seen again.
Margaret feels an emptiness inside.
All she can do is close the door behind her and hug her sister tightly.
Nothing more.