Covert Action Toolkit

Lvl: 40
Trust: 100 (10,070 Points)
Availability: na
Equip Trait
Refunds a large portion of the current DP Cost when retreated
Equip Attribute Bonuses
Stat Value
max_hp 100
def 40
Unlock Information
Complete a total of 5 battles; In each battle, you must deploy your own Gravel at least 4 times
Clear Main Theme 4-8 with a 3-star rating; You must deploy your own Gravel, and allow no Operators to be defeated
Additional Information


Module Description

'Come here!'
'Who let you sneak off to do training with the campaign knights? Only a few days you've been here, and you think that gives you the right to go sparring with that mouthy bastard lot? How many times have I told you, take things in order!'
'Stand here! You're not to move from this spot until I say so!'
'Why are you still here?'
'You had me stand here as punishment...'
'It's alright, you've been there long enough. That'll teach you, won't it?'
'But it's only been five minu—'
'Shut up, you little scamp. Any more lollygagging and there's no dinner tonight for you, got it?'
'...Yes, Master.'
'That's a bit more like it. Yes, have this biscuit. You must be starving, aren't you?'
I shakily took it, but didn't dare put it near my mouth, fearing the master of the house would suddenly beat me, just as the villagers did.

'I've seen the report. To do so finely on your first outing... not an easy feat.'
'Thank you for the praise, hehe.'
'Don't be so smiles and giggles with me. I still need to ask about something. After the assignment ended in Leithanien, you spent a while longer there. What was that about?'
I heard some information pertaining to army mobilization on the border, and with the extra time I had, once I'd applied to the authorities, I went to investigate.'
'Do you know how sensitive the Leithanian army's nose is?'
'There are no buts! Even if they approved it, I permit you not to act without permission! If this happens again, I'll have you confined!'
'Yes, Master.'
'I'll forgive you this time. Even if you had the luck not to run up against the army, you must be covered in scrapes, aren't you? Take my card, and get to the hospital for a checkup! Now, immediately!'
The master of the house always had a volatile temper. Just as this time showed, if one thing didn't suit his mood, he'd yell his head off at me.

'Master, look! I'm discharged and perfectly fine, aren't I?'
'You think coming out of hospital's the end of it? Your assignment was to draw that Ursus spy out, and I could deal with him myself. Who asked you to block his blade in my place?'
'It was an emergency...'
'An emergency's no excuse either! I need to teach you a proper lesson, so this mess doesn't happen next time.'
'How are you going to teach me my lesson, then?'
'Have you decided?'
'Hmph, you little scamp. You never listen to a thing I say.'
'I've always felt I'm a very obedient one, though.'
'...Right. Look at that old tat you're wearing. You're a fourth-order knight already. How can you be so neglectful of your own appearance?! This is your allowance for the month. Take it, and go buy some new clothes! You're not allowed back until you spend every last cent of it!'
'Master, with this much money, do you want me to be buried alive under clothes?'
The master of the house awkwardly cleared his throat, quickened his step, and walked off before me. The setting sun spilled across his shoulders.

'Come back to Kazimierz, should you want to come back. And should you not... then do not be burdened, and go!'
—This was the parting advice the master of the house gave to me.
Doctor. I know you know, I was trafficked to Kazimierz before I could even remember. The village that bought me was end to end of hard servitude and beatings; even after I'd fled, I couldn't free myself from people who marked me with prices.
But the moment the master of the house and I met our eyes in the 'market'...
That was the first time fate showed me any kindness.