The Greatrock

The Greatrock
Lvl. 1
Lvl: 40
Trust: 100 (10,070 Points)
Availability: na
Equip Trait
When attacking enemies with less than 40% of their max HP, increase ATK to 115%
Equip Attribute Bonuses
Stat Value
max_hp 80
atk 40
Unlock Information
Complete a total of 5 battles; You must include your own Vigna, and Vigna must be the first Operator deployed
Clear Main Theme 3-3 with a 3-star rating; You must deploy your own Vigna, and have Vigna defeat 8 enemies
Additional Information


Module Description

An aged Sarkaz lecturer writes two big words on the blackboard—
'Westward Relocation'
'Terran Calendar 893, after the Sarkaz capital was once again made ruins.'
'Many Sarkaz had lost all faith and courage.'
'They chose to escape; to flee the crumbling mortar of their homeland, and their own fates, for a different land and different rule.'
'From Gaul to Victoria, to present-day Columbia.'
'And so the wandering Sarkaz were without home.'
'Even in Columbia, the Sarkaz spent all their lives in the cracks of the cities and wilds.'
'Not to mention those of their fellow people infected with Oripathy.'
'Under this life of oppression and pain, a Sarkaz named Bill Perley decided he would use music to convey his discontent in life.'
'As long as you're alive, times come when you want nothing more than to shout out loud.'
'This was Bill Perley's saying.'
'Whenever Perley picked up his guitar, crowds would eagerly listen to him sing.'
'His shouts carried through the streets of Columbia's cities, through the wastes, and echoed on over Columbia's great prairies.'
'Leithanien's musicians turned their noses up at him, but nevertheless, this rock 'n' roll singer forced a change in Columbia's pop culture.'
'He even changed the fates of many a Sarkaz.'
At that, the lecturer has written the names of this Sarkaz immortalized in history, and his rock band.
'But what happened to Bill Perley in the end?'
So a student asks to the lecturer.
'He made it big time in Columbia, his records sold as far away as Victoria.'
'But one day, he picked up his guitar and left the city, walking into the wilderness.'
'This giant of a singer told his friends.'
'He was going back home, back to what was Kazdel.'
'And so, nobody ever saw him again.'
Vigna diligently takes notes, narrating this chapter of history, narrating this Sarkaz singer's legendary experiences.

That night, on an underground concert stage...
Vigna tunes her axe.
The story of that legendary singer is twined in part with the history of the Sarkaz, and the history of the guitar, and it still turns about in her head.
She lifts her head to look at her band's drummer, a Sarkaz youth testing drumsticks.
'Fino, ever think you might go back to Kazdel one day?'
'Back to Kazdel? Why?'
Vigna receives a puzzled stare in response.
'Why am I going back to Kazdel now?'
'Always comes a day Sarkaz head home again, right?'
'Hahahahah, you're kidding, Vinny.'
The young Sarkaz stands up.
'I'm a Columbian. My home's right here.'