Weird Palette

Weird Palette
Lvl. 1
Lvl: 40
Trust: 100 (10,070 Points)
Availability: na
Equip Trait
Can hold +3 additional summoned units and summoned unit deployment costs are reduced
Equip Attribute Bonuses
Stat Value
max_hp 80
atk 20
Equip Summon Attribute Bonuses
Stat Value
cost -2
max_deploy_count 3
Unlock Information
Summon a total of 20 summoned units with Deepcolor (Deepcolor cannot be a Support Unit)
Clear Main Theme 2-4 with a 3-star rating using a squad of at most 1 unit; only a non-Support Deepcolor may be in the squad
Additional Information


Module Description

'Where does Deepcolor get her paint?
Is it ground up ores?
Is it a product of modern manufacturing?
I am not sure.
But that blue is very unsettling.
Deeply unsettling.
I watch her swish the paint in her palette together.
It forms the color she wants.
I watch the paint entwine, making little noises.
Is she preparing to paint? Or is this her Originium Arts?
I am starting to be scared.
She seems to have noticed how disturbed I am.
She smiles and starts comforting me, telling me that this is just a part of her Arts.
As she says that, a tiny creature appears on her palette.
She tells me that this is her 'assistant.'
The critter may not seem like it's capable of making any sounds that are less than pleasant, but I seem to be able to hear some strange noises whispered into my ears.
I do have to admit, though. It looks really cute.
It's leaping back and forth between the canvas and the paint every now and then.
It seems it's helping Deepcolor finish this painting.
'So that's your assistant!'
I can't help myself but to exclaim.
She nods.
She's smiling.
How time flies; the painting has already been completed.
She hands the painting to me, and I pay her the commission we'd agreed upon.
'You'll love this portrait for sure!'
She seems really happy.
Of course, I am happy too. After all, what is there to be unhappy about when a painter hands you a freshly painted portrait, especially one so lifelike?
The colors are bright and vivid, and the expression is true and genuine.
This is magnificent!
As I mount the painting, a question suddenly comes to mind.
Though it was on my mind just moments earlier, I immediately forgot about it when I laid my eyes on the painting.
'Has she ever used any colors other than blue?'
'Where did that discomforting noise come from?'
Who cares?
Really, who cares?!
It's not nice to pry into somebody else's secrets!
Even if something might seem off, what does that have anything to do with me?'