Improved Lens.P

Lvl: 50
Trust: 100 (10,070 Points)
Availability: na
Equip Trait
The first summoned unit does not consume deployment slots (The last summoned unit on the field does not return a deployment slot when retreated or defeated)
Equip Attribute Bonuses
Stat Value
atk 36
def 30
Talent Information
Can summon 5 Buggy Cams; Buggy Cams will reveal Invisible enemies within the surrounding 8 tiles and inflict -8% Movement Speed
Unlock Information
Complete 5 operations and summon Scene's summoned units at least 5 times in each operation (Scene cannot be a Support Unit)
Clear Main Theme 3-1 with a 3-star rating using a squad of at most 2 units (including Support Units); a non-Support Scene must be deployed during the operation and only Sniper operators are allowed for the remaining units


Module Description

'Scene is slowly moving toward her objective on her comfy little 'chair.'
Her 'chair' is formed of two mobile photography platforms moving in parallel with a wooden plank placed in-between.
Lens finds this actually rather interesting. According to the data stored in its program, you would at least need a cushion and an ergonomic backrest for something to qualify as a chair.
However, if Scene has no qualms with this being a chair, then Lens is certainly in no position to complain.
'How much longer?'
Scene asks in her usual, sluggish tone.
'Only 200 meters more! We'll be there soon!'
Although it had figured out what its owner was going to say long ago, out of courtesy and respect, Lens waited until Scene actually asked the question to reply.
Scene returns to her silence.
This morning, Scene noticed a small hill as she relaxed on Rhodes Island's top deck. Although it does not compare to Sargon's tall mountains, the path they are on has nothing but flat plains, making the unexpected mountain a sight for sore eyes for Scene.
She firmly believed she would be able to take photos of the most breathtaking sceneries on that hill.
So, driven by her impulse, she immediately had Lens take care of the paperwork and borrowed a car and a few helping hands to race to the hill. This is quite the urgent issue to her, it seems.
Although there is still a ways to go before she reaches her destination, Scene has already started to think about everything:
The angle, the lighting, the colors, and the ratio.
These are questions that Scene is almost always thinking about as she goes about her everyday life.
This is her profession as well as her hobby.
'We are almost there, Miss Scene. The destination is right ahead, past those rocks! But neither the cameras nor I can climb any further. I am afraid you may have to walk the rest of the way.'
Scene slowly slides down from her 'chair.'
She readies her camera and slowly makes her way up.
Step by step.
Bit by bit.
The sunlight at last reaches her eyes, revealing the world before her—
She still remembers how warm the sunshine was as it lands on her cheeks and how cool the breeze was as it brushed her arms.
She remembers the fowlbeasts' melodies, the fragrance of the flowers, the crudeness of the rocks.
The greenery extends endlessly until it reaches the blue sky.
Rays of lights pierce through the clouds up above.
Scene is always working on the composition of her photos in her head.
Yet when the scenery actually opens up before her eyes, thinking only serves to distract her from the task at hand. All she has to do is chronicle the view before her faithfully.
Raise the camera and press the shutter button.
That's all photography involves—
And what an enjoyable experience it is.