Inheritance and Development

Lvl: 50
Trust: 100 (10,070 Points)
Availability: na
Equip Trait
Deals AOE Arts damage
Equip Attribute Bonuses
Stat Value
max_hp 80
atk 45
Unlock Information
Complete a total of 5 battles; You must deploy your own Leonhardt, and unleash Deconstruct and Detonate at least 4 times in each battle
Clear Main Theme 3-5 with a 3-star rating; You must deploy your own Leonhardt, and have Leonhardt defeat at least 10 enemies with Deconstruct and Detonate


Module Description

The Cautus boy has never met his parents. He has only ever seen their faces on a couple of group photos.
While apparently this is not at all uncommon for children born on board Rim Billiton's mining ships, it isn't something one would consider normal, either.

Like many other Cautus children, the boy is very active and tends to get into trouble every now and then.
It might therefore be hard for those who rarely visit the library to imagine him pouring through the books on technology his father left behind.
The most likely source of this habit is an erudite old man with whom he is not related, who has always kept him company and reprimanded him since he was a child.

With such an unusual guardian, the boy had some perfectly natural questions for someone in his position.
Who were his parents? How did they die?
The boy does actually have a vague idea. He long ago learned from the books what the equipment and instruments his father was standing next to in the photo meant.
The boy is much more delicate than he appears. He is worried that perhaps the reason that no one ever mentioned his father until he broached the subject is because his father had put everyone in danger with a work accident. That they avoided the subject so he wouldn't feel guilty.

The erudite old man can see that the boy has his misgivings. However, he had promised Alisha that he'd take care of her child, that he'd never let him choose the arduous path that his father once walked. That he'd never tell her child that his father spent his last moments selflessly entering collapsed caves to rescue strangers that didn't believe him, under the guise of conducting a post-Catastrophe inspection, and that he'd keep him from thinking that his father was to blame for his mother's final days in depression.
However, there was one lie that the old man cannot bring himself to tell the child. He doesn't have what it takes to tell the child that his father wasn't a hero. As the ship's former Catastrophe Messenger, the old man cannot help but take pride in the young man who found himself here after being framed in Victoria, but nevertheless dedicated himself to fighting Catastrophes.

'But, Alisha... Didn't you name your child Leonhardt because you were hoping he could be like his father...?'

Perhaps it is the fate of his bloodline at work, but the boy could not be dissuaded from studying to become a Catastrophe Messenger. He met friends with whom he could trust his life, and he quickly earned the recognition of many of those around him.
That came much later, though.