Military Telescope

Lvl: 40
Trust: 100 (10,070 Points)
Availability: na
Equip Trait
Can also be deployed on Ranged tiles
Equip Attribute Bonuses
Stat Value
atk 35
attack_speed 5
Unlock Information
Clear 5 operations with Dobermann (Dobermann cannot be a Support Unit); only 3-star operators are allowed for the remaining units
Clear Main Theme 1-12 with a 3-star rating; a non-Support Dobermann must be deployed during the operation and only 3-star operators are allowed for the remaining units
Additional Information


Module Description

'Officer, how is it going over here?'
Through the lens of her binoculars, Colonel Dobermann sees the remnants of a city block as well as the entrance to a beltway not far away.
The Singas and the Coalition government are constantly sending their men to the area, and her team needs to find a way to make it through the chaotic warzone to make it to the other side of the city to provide support.
All the routes available to them are treacherous and dangerous. She has a decision to make.
'You, take the beltway with your men. I'll take my team and make it through the city.'
'Yes, sir.'
'If we lose contact with each other, we'll prioritize the mission first. Make sure you do that. Got it?!'
'Yes, sir!'
'Roll out!'
'Dobermann, what should we do now?'
Dobermann and her team, having joined up with the resistance, have been retreating, but they find themselves being chased by pursuing enemies.
She must find a way to get her men out alive.
'We can go this way... then take the waterway to make it past them.'
'I'll need a few of you to stay behind, though...'
'I'll do it. This is no problem for me!'
'If I don't, all of us will die here, no?'
'This ain't your fault. You've done all you can.'
'My brothers and I will get ourselves ready.'
'I'm leaving everyone else to you!'
'Instructor, what should we do?'
Rhodes Island Operator Dobermann is currently carrying out a mission. The images she sees through her binoculars are once again forcing her to make a decision.
'I think it'll be better if we lead the squad away and flank them.'
'No, we'll wait till it's night where we are, then we'll head in through the ruins and attack that way. Our forces would be too divided, and that could lead to accidents.'
'I'll head on inside first. Take the others to the objective point as soon as it gets dark and wait for my orders.'
'That puts you in danger!'
'This is the best way, and it's what I chose to do.'
'I want all of you to trust in me, just like I trust you. Got it?!'
'Yes, Instructor! Please be careful!'
'Hmph, you just do what you are supposed to.'
That night, Team Dobermann successfully completed its mission.'