'Light of Heria'

Lvl: 60
Trust: 100 (10,070 Points)
Availability: na
Equip Trait
Can also be deployed on Ranged tiles
Equip Attribute Bonuses
Stat Value
atk 40
attack_speed 3
Unlock Information
During battle, have Pallas use Blessing of Heroism a total of 5 times (excluding Support Units)
Clear Main Theme 4-3 with a 3-star rating; You must deploy your own Pallas, and only Defender Operators are allowed for the remaining members


Module Description

(In the background, desert hills, and the black curtains left over from last year's festival. Hang up two moons.)
(Enter choir from stage left. Chant. Enter the HERO from backstage.)
HERO: My dearest companions! Tonight, in this place, we finally gather.
HERO: We rest our feet on the highest peak of Minos. We stand here and gaze as far as the eye may see, to the land covered by the radiance of the moons. All is our home.
The mountain spring flows forth from here, crosses untold hills, sweeps untold grasslands, and finally flows into the lake of the Aegean Plains, to become one with the blood of us all.
We owe it to our shared language, our shared folksong, our shared beliefs, that we stand here, to expel our common enemy. After tonight, so too will our blood unite.
HERO: Let us drink together from a ladle of this spring water, and as we return in victory, we may then drink together from the mead this spring water creates.
(The HERO, together with every FOLLOWER, imbibes wine. Timmy is still not of age. Please give him ginger ale instead.)
HERO: I imagine we all, when we were born of this land and first opened our eyes, saw that our soil was ravaged by lowly intruders, and that our first wail was mingled with the invaders' satisfied jeers.
We have never seen the great and peaceful days spoken of in the epics, but we've no iota of doubt that this land we call Minos was of much different impression a century ago.
(Performers begin to play here, growing gradually impassioned as the lyrics progress.)
(Choir dances, and pairs off with Originium Arts.)
HERO: Beneath the warm sunshine, the people contested in military fashion, yet did not endanger their lives, but simply tempered their wills and physiques; the crossing of words was not for epithets of hate, but for the pursuit of this land's deepest secrets.
The forests were not places to lay treacherous ambush, for Heria's thickets were of a different image in the verses; the rivers served as more than a channel to break the enemy front, for in them we could bathe and sing loud.
HERO: The rose has need of the thorn's protection, and the beauty of our poems likewise ask for blade and shield to guard them. And we can use their petals to adorn our armor, and see their verses meld with our songs of war.
HERO: Behold, for the moons are at their peak. Our victory in this war is as clear as this night sky. I believe it.
(Turn lighting up to maximum.)
HERO: Warriors, heroes, sharpen your weapons for the very last time.
The withered trees will turn to nourishment that feeds this land, and the ruins of the wild will become as foundations for our rebuilt splendor.
Tonight, we take back our faith, and we take back both the history and future of Minos.
(The HERO raises their sword, and all FOLLOWERS pick up their weapons and line up. Choir chants. Curtains.)
(Pay attention to number of weapons when inventorying props. DO NOT let real weapons get mixed in.)
—From the third act of the Theater of Akroti's 'Light of Heria'. Pallas performs as the HERO CYPHUS, with a great deal of annotations and notes beside each of her lines.